six eye of satoru gojo from jujutsu kaisen anime
six eye of satoru gojo from jujutsu kaisen anime

The world of Anime is full of Amazing abilities there are many powers that come from the human soul ( nen, ki, karma, haki), some from the human physical ability and there are many which come from the eye of the user and in today’s list we are going to see some of those most powerful eye abilities.

Here is the list of those 20+ ocular and powerful eye abilities.

Eye abilities are different when it comes to different anime characters. Interestingly, these powers can execute long-range attacks too. In this article, we will be looking into 23 of these powerful eye abilities.

Shinigami Eye (Death Note)

Shinigami eyes from the Death Note is a very powerful ability that all shinigami have from their resurrection. It is a power that allows the user to see the name and the life of a person this may not seem very powerful or dangerous on its own but in the world of death note, this ability in the hand of the person owning a death note may be absolute.

Shinigami has this ability fixed in them but another person can get this ability in exchange for half of his life for this. And when our anti-hero Light acquired this power it made him the absolute power.

Death Note has always been a symbol of power and corruption and in that world, the shinigami eye has always formed the base for it.

Scarlet Eyes ( Hunter X Hunter)

The scarlet Eyes rather than being a person-specific ability is the ability of the scarlet clan ( kurta clan) from Hunter X Hunter. After the spiders annihilated their clan and only Kurapika remained he swore to take revenge against them and turned his eyes into a weapon by linking it with his nen ability.

It was wanted by people in the underworld for their aesthetic looks and beautiful shine but on themself, they also give the user enhanced physical strength and agility.

Demon Eyes ( Soul Eater )

In the anime soul eater, there is a very powerful eye ability and that is the demon eyes. Previously it was the eye ability of witch queen Mabaa.

Its current user is free who with the help of it can do ice magic, and use the demon king cannon but the thing which makes it much more dangerous is its ability to do spatial distortion.

Giro Giro No Mi ( One Piece )

One piece is full of different kinds of power systems and in that vast majority of powers the most unique sets of power are given by the devil fruits and they are also of different kinds from paramecia, logia, etc.

And among them, we see a devil fruit that gives its user the power to control tears in the form of whales from the eyes.

It is a field-ranged attack with an explosion hidden inside the tears.

Stone Eyes ( Fairy Tail )

Fairy Tail a show full of magic has given us many unique and boring abilities and I have to accept the stone eyes of Evergreen didn’t shine that much in the show as she is a side member of the Lexus group.

But if her stone eyes magic petrify was utilized completely it could have become very powerful this is based on Medusa just like whoever sees into her eyes gets turned to stone seeing evergreen eyes make you a stone statue unless you wear contacts.

The Ultimate Eye ( Full-Metal Alchemist)

The eye ability of Wrath or Bradley the last homunculus created by Father from full metal Alchemist is also one of the strongest eye abilities as it gives him the power to predict his enemy’s moves and in turn, make him invincible to people’s attacks.

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Figure Eyes ( Fairy Tail )

Once again from the fairy tale and Laxus division, we have Bickslow whose magic is also based on his eye figure magic which allows him to turn people and things into dolls and control them with his eyes.

He uses this magic while making direct eye contact with the target but if the target close his eyes the magic becomes useless then he can use other magic as the opponent is vulnerable in that state.

Millenium Eyes ( Yu Gi Oh )

The Millennium Eye’s primary ability is to peer into the mind of an opponent, which allows the owner to know what they’re thinking at all times, no matter what. When Dueling, the owner can use the Eye to see their opponent’s cards and strategies clearly, giving them a significant advantage (effectively cheating). They can also see their hidden memories and sense if there is a spirit inhabiting their minds.

They could also be called as a cheat in the world of yu gi oh as it allowed Maximillion Pegasus to see in the mind of others and also check their decks.

Plunder ( Charlotte )

The protagonist, Yu, is initially shown to have the ability of plunder which is the power to transfer his consciousness in the bodies of other people for 5 seconds.

However, as the story progresses, we find out that Yu’s actual ability is Looting or Plunder. This eye ability can steal the ability of others. The discovery of his actual power was made at the right time in the anime as they needed such an ability.

Yu goes on a quest to “loot” the powers of other users in order to save the ability users.

Evil Eye ( Get Backers )

Ban Mido can utilize the Evil Eye (邪眼, Jagan), a power which allows him to make anyone he makes eye contact with to watch a one minute long illusion, however, it should only be used three times per day. The Evil Eye cannot be used on the same person again for the next 24 hours.

Furthermore, while the illusion only lasts for one minute, should Ban will it, the one affected by the Jagan can be placed inside a time-warp zone via the illusion created by the technique, meaning that to them, one minute in real life could last up to several hours in the Jagan’s influence.

Also, the Evil Eye has been shown to be able to enter into the mind of his opponent, and see their entire past

Mystic eyes ( Kara No Kyoukai )

Shiki Ryougi from Kara no Kyoukai or garden of sinners is
A woman who possesses the “Mystic Eyes of Death Perception”, a supernatural ability that allows the user to see and directly realize the “death” of everything in existence.

The Mystic Eyes of Death Perception can be called a circuit that opens up in the brain and eyes to allow the user to “perceive death,” the conceptual “Death of an Existence,” as visual signals in the form of Lines of Death and Points of Death.

Although Shiki Ryougi only sees the Lines of Death, certain Lines act as the Points of Death that Shiki Tohno would see. Their usage is not entirely dependent on the eyes of the user, as they can still “see” lines should they go blind or gouge them out

Cursed Eye ( d.gray man )

The reverse pentacle that scars Allen’s left eye curses Allen with the power to see the souls trapped inside Akuma. Allen received the cursed scar from Mana, who lashed out and cut Allen’s face when he realized Allen had brought him back as an Akuma. Allen has said that it’s “just like an Akuma” in the way that it evolves.

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The first incarnation of the curse is a black and red ringed eye which is automatically activated whenever Allen is near Akuma. It allows him the power to see the souls trapped inside Akuma.

Erasure Eye ( My Hero Academia)

Now we have a show where we see many kinds of awesome and unique powers and one such Anime is my hero Academia here also we have seen a great eye ability in form of erasure Eye which gives the ability of erasing anyone’s quirk if he is in the view of erasure.

It becomes more dangerous depending upon the opponent he is facing cause many users power will be useless if their quirk bets sealed by erasure Eye ability.

Emperor eye ( Kuroko’s Basketball )

The Emperor Eye enables its user to see another person’s body with extreme detail, such as breathing, muscle movements or muscle contractions, body tension, rhythm, sweat, etc. allowing the user to predict future movements.

It can be awakened by observing people and their muscle movements, which is how Kuroko acquired his Quasi-Emperor Eye.

So far, the four known users have all shown to have great observational skills and court awareness.

Akashi being able to see other players’ potentials as well as their strengths and weaknesses, Kuroko being able to notice other peoples’ habits and behavior patterns, and lastly Kise who has to observe others in order to copy their movements perfectly.

Even though we haven’t seen much, Gold was able to see that Murasakibara had a large defensive range and Akashi had an Emperor Eye as well.

The Emperor Eye is shown to be one of the most powerful skills as it can change the outcome of the match completely.

It is also noted that the Emperor Eye is as powerful as its user, as it is stated that Akashi is not strong because he has the Emperor Eye, but is strong because he knows how to use it.

Fautisian Contract ( Black Butler)

Fautisian Contract is not a ability but a proof of a contract made by Ciel to do his bidding with a demon .

The contract states that a demon can offer specific services in compensation for a human’s very own soul.

When Ciel takes off his eye patch, unveiling his Faustian Contract, he can then summon his “one hell of a butler”

Byakugan ( Naruto Shippuden)

Byakugan is the eye ability of the hyuga clan which is one of the three legendary eyes which had came through otsutsuki clan. In terms of power Byakugan gives the user the ability to see everything in 360 degree and even to see the chakra flow within another person.

And when this eye ability gets combined with the 36 palm style taijutsu makes it very dangerous cause a person from hyuga clan using it can block the chakra pathways making the users ability useless.

There is one more thing which make it special and that it Byakugan makes the user immune to genjutsu (mind controlling jutsu).

Stigma Eyes ( legend of the legendary heroes )

Bearers of the Alpha Stigma are capable of analyzing magic with their Alpha Stigma and copying it themselves soon after. This is shown most often with Ryner, as he utilizes this ability in battle often. They can also use it to see invisible magic traps, and magic sealings on buildings or items.

The Alpha Stigma is often awakened in the form of a rampage with the user going out of control, and being taken over and replaced with a god complex that just wants to kill everything and everyone around them.

Foresight ( My Hero Academia )

Foresight as the name suggest is the ability to see in the future of Sir Nighteye who was a student and partner of All Might in his hero works .When first we were introduced to nighteye we saw him hating Midoriya but when we got to know the reason of that hate was his ability cause he has seen death of All Might in the future.

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Foresight , Mirai’s Quirk allowed him to see another person’s future from a third person’s point of view. In order to activate his power, Mirai had to first touch the intended target, and then, make eye contact with them. This Quirk stayed active for one hour, and once activated, it required 24 hours before it could be activated again.

While his Quirk was active, Mirai could see as far as years into a person’s future. The future he saw was shown in great detail (second by second) and it had always been 100% accurate, even when he tried to change the events he had foreseen.

Geass Eye ( Code Geass)

Geass Eye allows Lelouch Lamperouge to be able to take someone body under his control with direct eye contact with his eyes. Using this lelouch with his brain like light yagami subjugates his enemies and make them do his biddings and make himself turn into a supreme leader in the world of code geass.

But there are some limitations with his ability and that is in order to control the person direct eye contact need to be established and he can only control a person once with this power.

Jaggan Eyes ( Yu Yu Hakusho )

The jaggan eye is not among the common two eyes the user possess but a third eye between both the eyes on the forehead ..

The jaggan eye is the ability of hiei from yu yu Hakusho inspired from the Hindu mythologies Shiva one of the Holy Trinity the destroyer.

The Jagan is an eye that requires immense powers to adapt. It gives the use abilities like telepathy, remote viewing, mind control, telekinesis, and demonic fire manipulation. And many a times we have seen how powerful this eye ability could get.

Sharingan ( Naruto Shippuden)

Naruto doesn’t only have byakugan as an op eye ability it is full of eyes having immense powers and one such eye is the Sharingan.

Sharingan originated from Ashura the son of the six sage and further down the line from him into the uchiha clan .Sharingan is a eye prowess which give the user ability to increase his physical ability by many fold and is also a great weapon to use genjutsu.

Sharingan also has many evolution which happens based on the users imotions.

Rinnegan ( Naruto Shippuden)

The advanced form of the shringan is the rinnegan but we can’t say that it’s the evolved form of Sharingan rinnegan in itself is a very powerful ability which has much more advanced ability linked to it than Sharingan.

We have only seen Nagato pain using the full power of the rinnegan which included bring a whole village back to life after being annihilated.

The rinnegan also has some variations as after acquiring the power of the six paths sage his rinnegan acquired tomeo pattern inside his eye.

Six Eye ( Jujutsu Kaisen)

The most overpower eye ability if I am going to give to anyone than that would be the six eye of Satoru Gojo which can distort with time and alter realities.

Satoru is an exorcist in the world of jujutsu kaisen and a special ranked being whose exorcising ability are feared both by monster and by exorcist assosiation.

He uses these eyes to control his limitless techniques to redefine reality and therefore there is no since opponent who can mess with him.

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