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Top anime characacters with wings animewelt

To fly is the dream of every person who wishes to be free and live there life there own way.

Manga and anime has also used this concept very gracefully and gave us some memorable characters who use this power to fight against evil, to be free, and live life on there own terms.

Anime, a canvas where creativity knows no bounds, has woven tales featuring characters that defy gravity with their wings.

Let’s embark on a journey through the diverse and intricate world of anime, delving deeper into the narratives and symbolism behind some of its most memorable winged characters.

Hawks from My Hero Academia

Hawks from my hero academia bnha anime

Keigo Takami, alias Hawks, takes center stage in My Hero Academia with his dynamic red wings.

Bestowed upon him by his quirk, “Fierce Wings,” Hawks uses his avian abilities not only for heroic feats but also as a visual representation of his unique powers.

His wings, more than a mere accessory, become an extension of his character, shaping the way he navigates the challenges within the series.

He can use his feathers as a projectile with immense offensive power.

Pegasus Seiya from Saint Seiya

Pegasus Seiya, the valiant protagonist of Saint Seiya, is distinguished by his golden wings, a gift from the constellation Pegasus.

These wings transcend mere adornment, symbolizing Seiya’s celestial connection and empowering him to soar through battles against malevolent forces.

In Saint Seiya, the wings become a poetic expression of Seiya’s courage and the cosmic forces guiding his destiny.

Zero Two from Darling in the Franxx

Zero Two, with her oni-like horns and crimson wings, stands out as an enigmatic figure in Darling in the Franxx.

Her wings, a product of her hybrid nature, serve as more than a visual spectacle.

They become a symbolic representation of her identity, highlighting the tension between her humanity and the mysterious forces that shape her existence.

Zero Two’s wings deepen the narrative complexity, offering viewers a visual metaphor for her uniqueness and internal struggles.

Harpy Valentine from Monster Musume

Papi, the Harpy from Monster Musume, brings a whimsical charm to the series with her feathery wings.

Beyond their aesthetic appeal, Papi’s wings become a means of expression for her carefree and joyful nature.

As she effortlessly glides through the anime, her wings contribute to the overall lighthearted atmosphere, making her character a delightful addition to the diverse cast.

Dark Magician Girl from Yu-Gi-Oh!

Dark Magician Girl, a staple in the Yu-Gi-Oh! series, commands attention with her angelic wings.

These wings, more than a visual flourish, embody the magical prowess she brings to the dueling arena.

In the realm of Yu-Gi-Oh!, where battles are waged with mystical powers, Dark Magician Girl’s wings serve as a tangible manifestation of the arcane forces at play.

Kurama from Yu Yu Hakusho

Kurama, a pivotal character in Yu Yu Hakusho, undergoes a transformative experience that unveils his silver wings.

These wings, symbolic of his dual nature as a fox demon and a human, delve into the complexity of his character.

Kurama’s wings become a narrative tool, visually communicating the tension and harmony between his two worlds, making him a nuanced and intriguing presence in the series.

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Ikaros from Heaven’s Lost Property

Ikaros, a character in Heaven’s Lost Property, brings a fusion of technology and celestial aesthetics with her mechanical wings.

Beyond being a mere accessory, Ikaros’s wings serve as integral plot devices, showcasing the interplay between the supernatural and technological elements within the series.

Her wings become a testament to the synthesis of the magical and the mechanical, enriching the overall narrative tapestry.

Ryuk from Death Note

ryuk the shinigami from death note anime

Ryuk the shinigami from the underworld was the reason who caused all the incidents to happen in the death note universe.

He was the only shinigami who had 2 death note one of which he had thrown in the human world and Light Yagami got his hands on.

He did this just in order to get rid of his boredom.

His figures resemblem the silhouette of a fallen angel with black tethered wings which gives him ability to fly.

Happy and Carla from Fairy Tail

happy the blue cat from fairy tail dancing

Happy, Carla and panther Lily along with all the cats being from Edolas belong to a race of cats known as the Exceed which have ability to access magic allowing them to fly.

In the world of Edolas they were regarded as god’s because they had the magic lacrima inside of them and the queen of the Exceed could predict the future.

Carla also got this future predicting powers being the daughter of the queen of Exceeds.

All the exceeds has small pairs of wings which changes in size when the Exceed transform.

Mael from Seven Deadly Sins

Mael is an extremely powerful member of the goddess clan, one of the strongest of his entire clan and is rivaled only by his brother and Elizabeth and surpassed only by the Supreme Deity.

Mael was the actual holder of the Sunrise power of Escannor.

Like all members of the Goddess Clan, he has wings that grants him the ability of flight.

After Meliodas has fallen in love with Elizabeth and had decided to get away from the war between God and demon, Mael memories were erased to maintain the balance of power.

He has 6 large wing 3 of white colour on his left and 3 of black colour on his right side.

These wings symbolises his corruption after having his memories altered.

Marco from One piece

marco the pheonix from whitebeard pirates from one piece anime

Marco previously the second in command in the Whitebeard pirates after the legendary Whitebeard has the power of the phoenix phoenix logia type devil fruit.

It gives Marco the power to transform into a phoenix covered in flames which also heals him.

He is among the very few devil fruit users with the powers to fly in his phoenix form.

In terms of fire powers even though Ace had the fire fruit but Marco could even beat him in a fire fight.

This 45 years old pirate is also a doctor alongside being a powerhouse.

King from One Piece

King the all star of the beast pirates of Kaidou is the second highest bountry member in Kaidou force after Kaidou himself.

He is the only known sole survivor of the Lunarian race.

And as a lunarian he has all of the features like brown skinned, silver-white hair, and enormous, black-feathered wings on his back that go down to knee length.

As one of Kaido’s right hand men, he is very strong and is implied that he is stronger than Jack who is quite strong himself.

Being called as the “conflagration”, King can generate fire in his humanoid or Pteranodon forms, this is explained as an ability of the Lunarian race.

These flames are in a way his life force.

Cusack From Seven Deadly Sins

Cusack the teacher of Zeldris and one of the part of the original demon makes him equal in strength to Demon King when combined with Chandler in his original form.

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By his normal appearance he seems like a normal human martial artist but when he releases his powers and gets in his shadow form he grows purple colored dragon wings.

The mentor and master of Meliodas and the other half part of the original demon Chandler strength is comparable to that of Cusack.

Normally he appears a old man who needs his cane to support him to stand up.

But when he releases his powers and gets in his true form his body doubles in size and he gets muscular and grows green color dragon wings from his shoulder.

The technique of full counter which is the signature technique of Meliodas was taught to him by Chandler.

Monet from One Piece

Monet from One piece is another character who has wings but her wings are because of any devil fruit powers but her being a Harpy.

She has a pain of 2 large wings in place of her arms but she is able to use them as double for arms as she was seen holding newspaper and turning it’s pages with them.

They gave her the ability to fly and this combined with her devil fruit which is snow snow fruit allows her to control the element of snow make her capable to attack enemies while stay far away from the attack radius.

She was also a skilled fighter as she was able to hold back Luffy and Zoro in Punk Hazard but she accepted that she can only hold them back not defeat them.

Shaiapouf From Hunter X Hunter

Shaiapouf from hunter x hunter anime



One of the royal guards of Meruem from Hunter X Hunter, Shaiapouf was the royal guard who wanted his king to be his ideal not love someone but rule over them.

He would not blindly follow his king’s order if the were not with his ideals.

A master of psychological games, Shaiapouf was willing to deceive, betray, and murder anyone in order to preserve his image to the King.

He was a chimera ant with mutation of a butterfly with a nen user so he had two beautiful rainbow colored wings which when he turned into his mini form becomes small.

Ulquiorra Cifer from Bleach

ulquiorra bleach anime


Ulquiorra Cifer

Ulquiorra Cifer is the second in command of Aizen’s army of Arrancar and the 4th strongest Espada.

The most cold heart and dispassionate Espada Ulquiorra will not hesitate to kill his comrades if they comes in his way.

Ulquiorra when releases his Zanpakuto he gets bat like wings along with his hollow hole getting a black dripping like stain.

He is the only Espada who has a second release which make him completely surrounded by spiritual energy.

He represent despairs in the way that his powers and naming has been done to make him despair and his powers also comes from his inner despair.

King From Seven Deadly Sin

I’m the Fairy King. So I want to protect the forest, my people, Diane, everything!

Harlequin Fairy King

King the fairy king when he was first introduced he did not had any wings but had the ability to fly using his weapon.

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But during the new holy war when he fought against Mael he awakened his true potent powers and became able to completely wield the powers of the sacred tree.

At that time his appearance turned into that of a teenager and his wings became large than his body.

That time he became stronger than Gloxiania the first Fairy King and the strongest Fairy kings.

Albedo From Overlord

Albedo is the Overseer of the Guardians of the Great Tomb of Nazarick.

She was programmed to be extremely loyal to Ainz.

As the Overseer of the Floor Guardians, she is very levelheaded.

Albedo can make calm and collected judgments that even Ainz sometimes doesn’t think of.

She is the most unique in this list of top anime character with wings because most of the characters has wings coming out from there back.

But in case of Albedo her wings comes out from her waist near her butts.

She don’t use them to fly for flight she uses her magic.

Fitoria From The Rising Of The Shield Hero

Fitoria the previous queen of the Filorial was the companion of the first legendary shield hero who had asked her to look over the world and try to stop the hero’s from fighting amonst themselves.

Fitoria being a Filorial has immense strength and having lived for more than 1000 years has immense experience.

She can change into a human form and filolial form at will.

In her filolial form she has a height of a 5 storey building and in her human form has white and blue colored wings on her back.

She have the power of flight and can move at super sonic speed.

She was the one who made Filo the new queen but before that she was easily able to beat her and the shield hero Naofumi even when he has a large defense capability.

Charizard From Pokemon

Now we are going to take a character from Pokemon which has 100 of pokemons with wings but that will make this list very long which I assume you wouldn’t want to read.

So here is the most iconic Pokemon from the Pokemon franchise the fire type Charizard.

His large dragon wings give him a majestic look and when he keeps his head held high we all respect him.

Even though he represents a dragon in every way but you all will be amazed to know that he is not a dragon type (I know you all know this).

Other memorable winged character from Pokemon are Dragonite, flygon, Ho-oh, Flareon, Zapidos, Articuno, Aerodactyl, Pidgeot, Butterfree, Fearow, etc.

Ophanimon From Digimon Franchise

Since we have taken a character from the Pokemon universe we will also take one from the Digimonverse.

Ophanimon is one of the celestial Digimon, she belongs to the angel type Digimon which evolves from feminine Angemon.

Her other name is the Holy mother because of her attribute of saving the Digimon world but she is the demon for the evil type Digimon.

She has 10 golden wings in a golden glow.

Seraphimon from Digimonverse

Seraphimon is also one of the celestial Digimon just like Ophanimon and he evolves from Patanon.

As the highest-ranked being among Angel Digimon, it rules over them all.

Seraphimon is responsible for maintaining law and order in the Digital World, as well as safeguarding the Spirits of Light and Wind.

He also have 10 golden wings which all points towards the sky and form an elliptical shape.

Other than these well known Digimon there are many more Digimon with wings including Angelmon, Patanon, Angewomon, Garudamon, Wingdramon, etc.

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