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Could Boruto Awaken The Tenseigan | Characters Who can Awaken Tenseigan?

Boruto Uzumaki, the titular character of the popular sequel series “Boruto: Naruto Next Generations,” has garnered significant attention among fans of the Naruto franchise. With his unique set of abilities and lineage, many have speculated about his potential to awaken the Tenseigan, a powerful eye technique introduced in “Naruto: The Last.”

Tenseigan is a dojutsu which is an advanced version of the byakugan. It was first shown to us in the Last movie : Naruto the movie.

Tenseigan is a dojutsu that is enabled when the user is a hyuga member with a pure byakugan and also has otsutsuki chakra.

It was first shown to be used by Toneri Otsutsuki and this dojutsu grants the ability to control all chakra natures, pull and push, get a tenseigam chakra mode, truth seeker orbs just like the six paths sage Naruto and also the overpowered ability to revive a planet.

In terms of ability it’s power is as powerful as Nagato rinnegan with all the same ability.

The rinnegan is a dojutsu which was first used by Homoro the six path and could only be gained by people having his chakra (indra and asura chakra also) and the sharingan .

But in order to have tenseigan the person should have both the hyuga byakugan and otsutsuki chakra.

Boruto’s Eye Abilities: Jougan

Boruto Uzumaki boruto naruto next generation anime
Boruto Uzumaki boruto naruto next generation anime

In the Boruto series, Boruto exhibits a mysterious eye technique known as the Jougan, which translates to “Pure Eye.” The Jougan is characterized by its blue, featureless iris and the ability to perceive chakra pathways and invisible entities. It has even been hinted that the Jougan could potentially see into other dimensions.

Boruto’s Jougan is already a unique and powerful ocular ability, but fans have wondered if it could be a precursor to awakening an even greater power: the Tenseigan.

So now we will list all the characters who can awaken the tenseigan.

5 Character Who Can Awaken The Tenseigan

Boruto Uzumaki

Tenseigan used by toneri otsutsuki from naruto the last movie
Tenseigan used by toneri otsutsuki from naruto the last movie

Boruto is the son of Naruto who is from the uzumaki clan a distant in line of the six path bloodline and Hinata who is from the Hyuga clan having Homura blood.

And Boruto also has the Kara mark which is a DNA code for the Otsutsuki which has made his body into a Otsutsuki.

And since in order to awaken the Tenseigan one need Otsutsuki chakra and Hyuga’s byakugan so if Boruto takes his mother eyes he can awaken the tenseigan.

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Boruto has the jougan which is a completely new dojutsu maybe having both Homura and Hagoromo chakra but could also get the Tenseigan.

Boruto’s Potential to Awaken the Tenseigan: Theories and Speculations

  1. Hyuga Bloodline: Boruto’s maternal heritage offers a significant advantage in potentially awakening the Tenseigan. He already possesses the Byakugan, albeit in a slightly different form. The connection to the Hyuga clan and their ocular abilities could be a stepping stone toward the Tenseigan.
  2. Jougan Connection: Some fans speculate that Boruto’s Jougan may be closely related to the Tenseigan. Its ability to perceive chakra pathways and interact with other dimensions might hint at a connection to the Otsutsuki clan’s powers.
  3. Otsutsuki Influence: Boruto has been involved in conflicts with the Otsutsuki clan, encountering beings like Momoshiki and Kinshiki. These encounters have led to the infusion of Otsutsuki chakra into his body, potentially setting the stage for him to unlock the Tenseigan.

Hinata Hyuga Uzumaki

Hinata from naruto in different art style

In the movie The Last : Naruto Movie we saw Hinata getting Homura chakra from his soul spirit and awakening some great upgrade but if somehow she also gets their blood in her body, she could also awaken the tenseigan.

Hinata is really talented but really didn’t got the spotlight but if her tenseigan awakes she could be as powerful as the six paths sage-mode Naruto.

As the mother of Boruto and Himawari and a member of the Hyuga clan, Hinata possesses the Byakugan. While her character arc has primarily focused on her role as a mother and wife, the series has yet to delve deeply into her potential.

Given her lineage and experience, she remains a character with Tenseigan potential, especially if Otsutsuki encounters become more central to the storyline.

Neji Hyuga (Deceased)

Neji hyuga deceased naruto shippuden from hyuga clan
Neji hyuga deceased naruto shippuden from hyuga clan

Neji was a highly skilled member of the Hyuga clan who tragically met his end during the Fourth Great Ninja War.

While he did not have the opportunity to explore Tenseigan awakening in the main storyline, his Byakugan and strong chakra control make him a theoretical candidate.

However, as he is deceased in the series, this possibility is largely speculative.

Toneri Otsutsuki

toneri Otsutsuki naruto the last movie
toneri Otsutsuki naruto the last movie

Toneri was the main antagonist in “Naruto: The Last” and was the first character to successfully awaken the Tenseigan.

While he already possessed Otsutsuki lineage, it’s worth noting that he used Hanabi Hyuga’s Byakugan to achieve this transformation.

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Toneri’s knowledge of the Tenseigan and the technology associated with it could potentially allow him to pass on this power or assist in awakening it in others.

Hiashi Hyuga (Deceased)

hiashi hyuga father of hinata hyuga father in law of naruto from naruto shippiuden anime
hiashi hyuga father of hinata hyuga father in law of naruto from naruto shippiuden anime

Hiashi was the head of the Hyuga clan and father to Hinata and Hanabi.

He possessed the Byakugan and played a significant role in the original Naruto series. Like Neji, his character is no longer active in the storyline due to his death.

However, his advanced understanding of the Byakugan and chakra control makes him an interesting character to consider in Tenseigan discussions, albeit in a speculative manner.

Isshiki Otsutsuki

Isshiki Otsutsuki boruto naruto next generation
Isshiki Otsutsuki boruto naruto next generation

Currently in the Boruto manga isshiki is the only otsutsuki on earth who has the byakugan and just like Toneri if he marries Hinata which is not gonna happen or takes the byakugan of other hyuga clan to get Hamura chakra he can also awaken the tenseigan.

Himawari Uzumaki

Himawari Uzumaki _ Boruto
Himawari Uzumaki _ Boruto

Just like Boruto, himanwari the daughter of naruto and hinata also has the same genes from both Hagoromo and Hamura inside of her.

And since her mother has Hamura chakra it may have been passed to Himawari which with time may react with his byakugan which she has already awakened and used to punch Naruto and become the tenseigan new master.

Himaaari and Boruto both have chakra from hagoromo and Hamura from their parents and just like Boruto and acquired a completely new dojutsu the Jogan Maybe in place of tenseigan Himawari may also gets a completely new op dojutsu version of the byakugan.

Momoshiki Otsutsuki

Momoshiki otsutsuki from boruto naruto next generation anime
Momoshiki otsutsuki from boruto naruto next generation anime

The last person currently in the series of Boruto who can awaken tenseigan is Momoshiki Otsutsuki who is living inside Boruto and if he ever awaken and takes complete control of Boruto’s body he could awaken the tenseigan.

Cause he is a otsutsuki, could get hyuga chakra from his host Boruto body and have byakugan from him and he as all the necessary requirement.

Otsutsuki Clan Members


Naturally, members of the Otsutsuki clan, such as Kaguya and her descendants, possess the inherent potential to awaken the Tenseigan. The Otsutsuki clan’s connection to divine tree technology and their advanced chakra manipulation abilities make them prime candidates for this transformation.

My Thoughts on the Tenseigan

From what I think the tenseigan was a try of Kishimoto sensei to try to recreate the rinnegan which is as op as it’s six paths especially for the movie the last naruto movie and it’s no longer gonna appear again as it may turn a character suddenly very op.

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Which is more powerful Rinnegan or Tenseigan

The user of rinnegan has the ability to use the six path

  • Treta path
  • Deva path
  • asura path
  • Human path
  • Animal path
  • Naraka path

Each path has gives unique ability to the user the Almighty push or pull, control over the king of hell which can revive alot of people back from death.

Ability to control beast from many dimensions, can control the soul with the human path , weaponised body and mechanical limb and also to absorb chakra.

These all ability makes rinnegan op . In the anime we had only seen Nagato using all these path.

The tensigan has the power of all mighty push and pull, the tenseigan chakra mode which boost agility, strength and chakra inside user body.

The most strongest ability of the tenseigan is the ability to control the moon, to pull it toward the earth and completely annihilate it’s existence.

But in overall terms of power in my opinion the rinnegan is the more ability than the tenseigan as it was developed in many chapter in naruto but the tensigan was made only for aovie.

What is the Tenseigan in the Naruto series?

The Tenseigan is an advanced form of the Byakugan, a powerful ocular jutsu possessed by members of the Hyuga clan. It is introduced in the movie “Naruto: The Last” and is characterized by its unique abilities and blue iris.

How is the Tenseigan different from the Byakugan?

The Tenseigan is an advanced form of the Byakugan, a powerful ocular jutsu possessed by members of the Hyuga clan.

It is introduced in the movie “Naruto: The Last” and is characterized by its unique abilities and blue iris.

How is the Tenseigan awakened?

To awaken the Tenseigan, a character must possess the Byakugan and have Otsutsuki chakra infused into their eyes. In “Naruto: The Last,” Toneri Otsutsuki forcibly implanted Hanabi Hyuga’s Byakugan with his Otsutsuki chakra to awaken the Tenseigan.

What are the unique abilities of the Tenseigan?

The Tenseigan grants its user a range of formidable abilities, including control over Truth-Seeking Balls (extremely potent and versatile chakra constructs), advanced chakra manipulation, telekinesis, and enhanced sensory perception.

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