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Kagura Bachi Manga Review

Kagura Bachi Is a new manga which only has 4 chapters as of right now but it has started to attract a lot of attention for its main charcters Chihiro who is the son of the greatest swordsmith of Japan who has introduced a very special sword making technique.

So today we are gonna look at this manga and see if all the hype about it is worth it or not, and will also find out if Chihiro actually is the G.O.A.T. of all anime and if it can become the next One Piece rival.

So Our story starts in Rokuhiro workshop he is the father of our protagonist Chihiro who is a one of a swordsmith who has a unique way of creating Katanas and because of his Katanas he is more famous than the soldiers on the battlefield who uses his Katanas.

The reason why so also becomes the reason for his death as some people were behind his unique Katanas and he died saving them but unbeknown to them he had created a seventh Katana which he had given to his son Chihiro about which they did not knew about.

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Now our story starts to take place as we come to know that 3 years has passed and Chihiro dad is no more in this world and the people who killed him were Sorcerers who had used the Katanas to get into power now Chihiro is on a hunt to find out the killers, take his revenge and take back the Katanas which are the reason why all this has happened.


Why so Much Hype ?

Well truthfully I cant say whats all this hype is about it don’t seem to be a bad manga the art is good, the story which is currently coming out is good and the action and the blood is the best.

But from seeing only 2 chapters cant say that Chihiro is a character who can beat characters like Roronoa Zoro with his conqueror haki nor does he seem like a character who can stay safe from Aizens illusion we all need to wait for the story to progress and create its narrative how the story will work what will be its power system.

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How does his sword work and what are the sorcerer and what is the history of Chihiro’s dad.

Let us wait for some time. But it does seem a great manga so it will now stay on may radar so ifthere is any update be sure to check back later.

Power System and Abilities in Kagura Bachi


In the latest chapter 4 of the manga the power system has started to be introduced, the reason the sorcerers can create things out of air and how the mystic sword of Chihiro create those Koi Fish.


Genryoku is like the nen ability or chakra of Kagura bachi world, where its the life energy inside every living beings which anyone can master with lots of hard work.

Just like in hunter x hunter to get nen you have to train very hard or get in life threatning situation same in Kagura bachi.

And all the sorceror are actually people who have some mastery over Genryoku but what makes the mystic katanas so important and the reason why the sorceror stole them was because these katanas had the ability to amplify the persons genryoku powers and also concentrate it on the edge of the sword.

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The name of the mystic Katana of Chihiro


The chapter 4 of manga also revealed the name of the last katana made by Chihiro’s Dad for his son which was “AKA” and aka has different abilities like “enten” ” black” and ” furaku”.

Enten: the swords takes the genryoku of the person and materialises it , black allows the person to attack very long distance in the slash form and furaku absorbs the opponent genryoku and uses it against him.

All The mystic Katanas – Kagura bachi

The father of Chihiro created 7 Katanas 6 were during the war and the seventh one was after the war ended which he had created for his son.

Currently we only know the name of 2 of his Katanas i will update this as soon as new katanas are revealed.

  • AKA ( seventh mystic katana of chihiro )
  • Kuregumo
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