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9 Naruto Characters Who Used Hashirama Cells To Gain Power

Hashirama Senju is the god of the shinobi world and the founder of Konohagakure.

Hashirama Senju was the one person who was regarded by the strongest Uchiha Madara as his rival.

He had immense chakra reserves which even competed against being made of Chakra the tailed beasts.

Kurama had said that Hashirama had as much chakra as him.

He also had powerful regenerative powers along with the strongest Kekkei Genkei the wood release jutsu.

It was capable of offense, defense, and trapping his enemies.

Even after his death all of these powers remained in his cells and there were many characters in the series who wanted to get hold of his cells to get his powers.

A character like Orochimaru succeeded in absorbing it in his body and created a baby with this Kekkei Genkei like Tenzo.

We will look at all those characters who had the cells of Hashirama Senju.


Orochimaru was among the very first characters who we came to know was experimenting on Hashirama Cells to make himself immortal.

For this very purpose, he decided to experiment on newborn children to make them able to use wood release jutsu but all of those kids died except for Tamato who was successful in acquiring wood release.

Later during the 4th great ninja he was able to successfully plant Hashirama cell in his own body which amplified his jutsu and allowed him to do the reanimation jutsu.

Later in the Boruto series he used those Hashirama Cells to give birth to Mitsuki who having the Hashirama Cells was also able to learn sage jutsu.

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Madara Uchiha

madara uchiha from naruto shippuden anime

Madara the eternal rival and one of the closest friends to Hashirama Senju was also transplanted with Hashirama Cells to save him from dying and since he was incarnated of Indra resulted in him awakening the Rinnegan.

During the final fight between Madara and Hashirama, Madara bit off a piece of flesh from Hashirama, and when he died after getting defeated by Hashirama he used Izanagi which resulted in one of his eyes getting blind.

Then he planted that flesh into his own body for its healing properties and as a bonus awakened the Rinnegan.

Then using Rinnegan he summoned the Gedo Statue and using it cultured more of the Hashirama Cells using Gedo Statue wood release.

One of the byproducts of this was the birth of White Zetsu which were previously people who were trapped under the infinite Tsukuyomi and got trapped in the Gedo Statue.


After Orochimaru left Konohagakure Danzo got his hands on the study material and cells of Hashirama from Orochimaru’s experiment.

He took Yamato under his Anbu division and used Hashirama Cells to transplant the Uchiha eyes into his own body allowing him to use the strongest genjutsu of Uchiha the Izanagi.

If it was not for Sasuke Uchiha, Danzo could have been a very strong Ally of the Konoha just with the wrong twisted ideals.

White Zetsu

As we have already come to know White Zetsu was born as a by-product of Madara Uchiha using the Gedo Statue to cultivate the cells of Hashirama Senju which is a lie because they were previously people who got trapped in Gedo Statue under the effect of infinite Tsukuyomi and black Zetsu tricked Madara to think he created them.

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White Zetsu had the power of wood release and had been the biggest help to the Akatsuki in gathering information as he was connected to all the plants on the planet.

He could move at immense speed and also took the form and copy the chakra of individuals he had captured inside of himself.

Obito Uchiha

After Madara Uchiha got his hands on the crumbled and disfigured body of Obito he thought of a plan to destroy the Konoha and be reborn again for that he needed Obito.

So with the help of Zetsu’s, he used the cells of Hashirama to turn half of his body into Hashirama cells allowing him to live.

Because of that, he got an immense amount of chakra which having awakened the ability of his mangekyo Sharingan the kamui made him able to transfer himself anytime without much burden on his body.

Yamato or Tenzo

Yamato was the only child among the 60 children to stay alive after Orochimaru experimented on them with Hashirama cells to make them able to get wood release.

Yamato was able to use this to keep Naruto under control for his Rasen shuriken jutsu.

And unlike Danzo, he was born with DNA of Hashirama in his genes rather than only outer hence he did not have a face of Hashirama on his body.

He was not using the powers of Hashirama cells but in a way, he was the weaker clone of Hashirama.


Naruto and Sasuke both at their final fight after defeating Kaguya had a fight among themselves which resulted in both losing there one arm naruto his right and Sasuke his left one.

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After which Naruto and Sasuke both were offered to have a prosthetic arm in place of the lost arm but Sasuke declined to accept the prosthetic for redemption.

But Naruto accepted the prosthetic so this way he is among the people who use Hashirama cells but in the case of Naruto this arm is not planted in him it is detachable and he can remove it whenever he wants.


We have to include Hashirama in this list as he was the person with the largest amount of Hashirama cells in his body and he did not have to do any kind of operation or experiment he was born with it.

He had an immense reserve of chakra, was able to use wood release, and had a miraculous rate of regenerative abilities there is no particular reason even if he was the reincarnate of Asura he did not get it because of that but he was unique in this regard.


Now the first ever wood release user, he did not get the Hashirama cells but rather he was the progenitor of the Hashirama cell.

He was the ancestor of Hashirama so even if he was born many times before his DNA was still present in the future in the time Hashirama was born in the Senju clan.

In the anime it was shown that Asura was able to use wood release and could do the strongest move of Hashiram the Shinsu Senju, Veritable 1000-Armed Kan’on.

And since Hashirama was the reincarnate of Ashura he had the soul of Asura inside of him.

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