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Strongest Lightning Users in Anime Of all Time – Laxus, Killua, Sasuke, and more

Lightning and thunder both of these are concepts which are assosiated to power and speed by societies all around the word. Every country and religion has a deity revolving around lightning.

And same is true for manga and anime. These has even fascinated even the minds of mangaka who had used lightning in there manga or anime to create characters who represents power and authority..

They maybe the fastest or the one with the most destructive power and today we will look at some of these thunder lightning users from different animes.

Laxus Dreyar – The Thunderous Mage:

Power: 9/10

Creativity: 8/10

Speed: 7/10

Laxus Dreyar from Fairy Tail is an immensely powerful lightning mage.

His mastery over lightning magic allows him to summon and manipulate lightning bolts with devastating force.

Laxus can unleash destructive lightning-based attacks, electrify his entire body, and even create an impenetrable lightning barrier.

And just like other dragon slayer he can also eat lightning to become stronger in real time so he is a very strong lightning user even on this list.


  1. Lightning Dragon’s Roar: Laxus once displayed his incredible power by unleashing the Lightning Dragon’s Roar, a colossal blast of lightning capable of obliterating everything in its path.
  2. Thunder Palace: Laxus showcased his creativity by surrounding an entire city with multiple thunder lacrimas, turning it into a ticking time bomb that would release a torrent of lightning, wreaking havoc upon activation.

And now in the 100 year arc of fairy tail manga he has became even stronger after acquring the body of the actual lightning dragon whose lacrima was used to turn him into a dragon slayer,.

Killua Zoldyck – The Lightning-Speed Assassin:

Power: 7/10 Creativity: 9/10 Speed: 10/10

Killua Zoldyck from Hunter x Hunter possesses extraordinary lightning abilities.

As a member of the notorious Zoldyck family he was trained and skilled from his birth for assassination.

But after learning about nen and Killua’s training enabled him to harness electricity and augment his incredible speed and agility even further.

He can generate electric aura and discharge it in various ways.


  1. Godspeed: Killua’s most impressive feat is his ability called Godspeed. It grants him an unprecedented level of speed, allowing him to move faster than the eye can perceive and strike his opponents with lightning-quick precision.
  2. Thunderbolt: Killua can release a concentrated bolt of electricity directly into his opponent’s body, causing immense damage and temporarily incapacitating them.

Killua has not only shown his skills in assassination but he was even

Sasuke Uchiha – The Avenger with Lightning Mastery:

sasuke uchiha from naruto

Power: 8/10 Creativity: 7/10 Speed: 10/10

Sasuke Uchiha from Naruto possesses not only the Sharingan but also impressive lightning-based techniques.

His affinity for lightning allows him to mold and manipulate it according to his will. Sasuke’s lightning jutsus are often quick, precise, and deadly.


  1. Chidori: Sasuke’s signature technique, the Chidori, is a concentrated mass of lightning chakra held in the hand. It grants him incredible cutting power and the ability to pierce through almost anything.
  2. Kirin: One of Sasuke’s most remarkable displays of power is his ability to control natural lightning. By manipulating thunderclouds, he can summon a gigantic lightning dragon to strike down upon his enemies with catastrophic force.

Kakashi Hatake – The Copy Ninja:


Power: 6/10 Creativity: 8/10 Speed: 6/10

Kakashi Hatake, also from Naruto, is a skilled ninja with an affinity for lightning-based jutsus. The one who had invented the kamui and also who taught sasuke this ninja technique.

As the Copy Ninja, Kakashi can mimic and adapt a wide array of techniques, including lightning-based attacks.

His command over lightning enables him to execute precise and deadly strikes.

But he cant be compared to Sasuke as he has now lost his sharingan after Obito’s death and is no longer able to hold kamui for long durations.

  1. Lightning Blade: Kakashi’s signature technique, the Lightning Blade, allows him to imbue his hand or any conductive object with lightning chakra, increasing its cutting power to an extreme level.
  2. Kamui: Kakashi possesses a unique Mangekyou Sharingan ability called Kamui. While not directly related to lightning, it grants him the power to warp space and create a pocket dimension, which he can use with his lightning blade to attack his opponent from unimaginable speed.

Enel – The Thunder God:

Power: 10/10 Creativity: 9/10 Speed: 9/10

Enel, the powerful antagonist from the anime series One Piece, possesses the Goro Goro no Mi Devil Fruit, granting him control over lightning.

With his immense power, Enel is able to harness electricity and use it as a devastating weapon in battle.

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During the Skypiea arc, Enel wreaks havoc upon the inhabitants of Skypiea with his lightning-based attacks.

His most impressive feat is the ability to transform into pure electricity, allowing him to move at incredible speeds and phase through solid objects.

In his fight against the Straw Hat Pirates, Enel demonstrates his mastery over lightning by creating powerful electrical blasts and discharges. He generates massive lightning bolts that rain down upon his opponents, causing widespread destruction.

If his opponent was anyone other than Luffy who has eaten his counter type devil fruit no one would have been able to defeat enel.


  1. El Thor: Enel’s most remarkable feat is the ability to channel an immense amount of electricity into a single concentrated blast. He can call upon lightning from the sky and unleash it with devastating force, obliterating everything in its path.
  2. Mantra: Enel possesses the “Mantra” ability, which grants him the power of precognition. This allows him to anticipate his opponents’ movements, making him an incredibly challenging opponent to overcome.

Pikachu – The Electric Pokémon:

Pikachu, the beloved electric-type Pokémon and mascot of the Pokémon franchise, showcases its lightning-based abilities in countless battles.

In battles, Pikachu gathers electrical energy and releases it as a concentrated bolt of lightning, striking its opponents with both force and electric shock.

On the last episode on the end of journey of Ash and him becoming the pokemon champion it was pikachu’s volt tackle the last move that he had used against Charizard.

Power: 6/10 Creativity: 7/10 Speed: 8/10


  1. Thunderbolt: Pikachu’s signature move, Thunderbolt, releases a powerful bolt of lightning from its body, capable of stunning opponents and causing considerable damage.
  2. Electro Ball: Pikachu can generate an electric ball and launch it at high speed towards its opponents, utilizing its agility to evade attacks while dishing out electrical strikes.

Zapdos – The Legendary Thunderbird:

Zapdos, one of the legendary Pokémon, represents the embodiment of lightning itself.

I had to put him on this list cause he is the god of lightning in pokemon universe and if pikachu was on this list the god of his home has to be in this list.

Power: 9/10 Creativity: 8/10 Speed: 9/10


  1. Thunder: Zapdos can summon a massive thunderstorm and release a devastating bolt of lightning, capable of striking targets from great distances and causing widespread destruction.
  2. Discharge: Zapdos possesses the ability to release a rapid succession of powerful electric discharges, overwhelming opponents with a barrage of lightning strikes.

Zenitsu Agatsuma – The Thunder Breathing Swordsman:

Zenitsu from Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba is a cowardly yet incredibly powerful swordsman with lightning-based techniques.

Despite his cowardly nature, Zenitsu possesses remarkable skill and power when he enters a state of heightened concentration known as the “Thunder Breathing” style.

Zenitsu was unable to learn any other form of thunder breathing other than its first form but since he had used it so much he became the first to create a new form the seventh form using he had single handedly killed a upper moon demon.

Power: 8/10 Creativity: 9/10 Speed: 10/10


  1. Thunderclap and Flash: Zenitsu’s signature move, Thunderclap and Flash, allows him to strike opponents with incredibly fast and precise sword slashes, enhanced by lightning, leaving little chance for evasion.
  2. Six-Fold Thunderclap: Zenitsu can unleash a barrage of lightning-infused strikes with blinding speed, overwhelming opponents and leaving them incapacitated before they even realize what has happened.
  3. Honoikazuchi No Kami: An original creation by Zenitsu where the user augments their speed to immense heights before landing a powerful hit that completely and utterly obliterates any opponent unlucky enough to be caught by this blow

Denki Kaminari – The Chargebolt Hero:

Power: 7/10 Creativity: 6/10 Speed: 7/10

Denki Kaminari from My Hero Academia possesses an electricity-based Quirk called “Electrification.”

Denki can generate and discharge electrical energy from his body, making him a formidable fighter.

In a battle against villains, Denki showcases his powerful electrical discharges. His ability allows him to incapacitate opponents by stunning them with powerful electric shocks.

Denki’s Quirk not only serves as a potent offensive weapon but also as a means to defend himself and his allies.

His electric attacks can disrupt the functionality of electronic devices and temporarily disable opponents.


  1. Electrification: Denki can emit electrical discharges from his body, capable of incapacitating opponents and disrupting their movements.
  2. Indiscriminate Shock: Denki can unleash a widespread electrical attack, covering a large area and effectively disabling multiple opponents simultaneously.
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Sinbad – The Charismatic King of Sindria:

Sindbad, the charismatic and influential character from Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic, possesses the ability to wield lightning as one of his Djinn equip abilities.

With the Djinn Baal, Sindbad gains the power to generate and manipulate lightning at will.

In battle, Sindbad showcases his lightning mastery by summoning powerful lightning bolts and storms.

These lightning-based attacks carry immense destructive force, capable of obliterating his enemies and decimating the surrounding area.

One of Sindbad’s most impressive feats is his ability to create an impenetrable lightning barrier. This barrier not only provides protection but also acts as a powerful offensive weapon.

It can electrocute anyone who attempts to breach it, leaving them vulnerable to Sindbad’s subsequent lightning attacks.

Power: 9/10 Creativity: 8/10 Speed: 8/10


  1. Baal Djinn Equip: Sinbad’s Djinn, Baal, grants him the ability to generate and manipulate lightning. He can create powerful lightning-based attacks, such as lightning spears and lightning storms, capable of devastating his enemies.
  2. Thunderclap: Sinbad’s lightning attacks possess incredible speed and precision, allowing him to strike with lightning bolts that are difficult to evade or counter.

Akeno Himejima – The Priestess of Thunder:

Akeno Himejima from High School DxD is a seductive yet powerful character known for her mastery over thunder and lightning.

Power: 8/10 Creativity: 7/10 Speed: 9/10


  1. Holy Lightning: Akeno can generate and control holy lightning, imbuing her attacks with divine energy. Her lightning strikes carry immense power, capable of both stunning and inflicting heavy damage on her adversaries.
  2. Thunder Cross: Akeno can create multiple bolts of lightning that converge on a single target, overwhelming them with a barrage of electrifying strikes from all directions.

Adolf Reinhard – The Lightning Manipulator:

Adolf Reinhard from the anime series Terra Formars possesses the ability to manipulate electricity.

He can generate powerful electric discharges and shape and direct electricity according to his will.

In his battles against the Terra Formars, Reinhard demonstrates his control over electricity by releasing powerful electric discharges.

These discharges can incapacitate opponents and disrupt their movements, making it difficult for them to fight back effectively.

Reinhard’s electrical attacks showcase his formidable power and his ability to neutralize threats with ease.

Power: 7/10 Creativity: 9/10 Speed: 8/10


  1. Electric Discharge: Adolf can generate powerful electric discharges, electrocuting his opponents with devastating force. He can shape and direct the electricity according to his will, making it difficult for enemies to anticipate or evade his attacks.
  2. Lightning Armor: Adolf can envelop himself in a protective armor made of electricity, enhancing his durability and allowing him to electrify anything that comes into contact with him, effectively repelling attacks.

Sailor Jupiter – The Thunderous Senshi:

Sailor Jupiter, also known as Makoto Kino, is a member of the Sailor Scouts from the iconic anime and manga series Sailor Moon.

Sailor Jupiter’s thunder-based attacks showcase her strength and control over electricity. She can summon powerful bolts of lightning to strike her enemies with devastating force.

One of Sailor Jupiter’s most notable feats is her attack called “Supreme Thunder.” This ability allows her to summon lightning bolts and direct them towards her adversaries, inflicting significant damage.

The sheer power and precision of her lightning-based attacks make Sailor Jupiter a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

Power: 8/10 Creativity: 7/10 Speed: 8/10


  1. Supreme Thunder: Sailor Jupiter can summon bolts of lightning, imbuing them with her strength and channeling them into powerful attacks. Her lightning strikes carry both destructive force and electrifying energy.
  2. Jupiter Thunderclap Zap: Sailor Jupiter can unleash a concentrated blast of thunder and lightning, capable of incapacitating enemies and destroying obstacles in her path.

Firelord Ozai- The Firebender with Lightning Abilities:

Firelord Ozai, the main antagonist of Avatar: The Last Airbender, is a firebender of exceptional power. While his primary element is fire, his ferocity and control over flames make him a formidable opponent.

Ozai’s lightning generation and redirection abilities set him apart as an incredibly skilled firebender.

He demonstrates his mastery of lightning in the final battle against his son, Zuko, and Avatar Aang.

Ozai generates lightning by manipulating his inner energy, shaping it into a concentrated bolt that crackles with electric power.

This lightning can cause immense damage and is often fatal to those who are struck by it.

Power: 7/10 Creativity: 8/10 Speed: 7/10


  1. Lightning Generation: Zuko learns to generate lightning, a skill usually associated with advanced firebenders. While not his primary element, his ability to generate lightning showcases his incredible control over fire and lightning.
  2. Lightning Redirection: Zuko masters the technique of redirecting lightning, allowing him to absorb and redirect lightning strikes away from himself or others. This skill demonstrates his agility and strategic thinking in battle.
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Gilthunder – The Knight of Thunder:

Gilthunder from The Seven Deadly Sins is a skilled knight who commands lightning with unparalleled precision.

Having being trained and inspired by Meliodas little gil had given his complete heart in learning to use thunder.

He is able to summon lightning into his sword and attack his opponent with it to turn them into a cripsy sandwich..

He was even able to hold on against Meliodas and for a time even pushed him back.

Power: 8/10 Creativity: 7/10 Speed: 7/10


  1. Purge: Gilthunder can generate powerful lightning bolts that rain down upon his enemies, causing significant damage and creating an intimidating display of his lightning prowess.
  2. Thunderbolt: Gilthunder can concentrate his lightning energy into a single, devastating strike, capable of overwhelming opponents and leaving them paralyzed.

Luck Voltia – The Boisterous Thunderclap:

Luck Voltia from Black Clover is a member of the Black Bulls and possesses lightning magic, which he uses to devastating effect in battles.

Luck’s lightning magic allows him to generate and control lightning bolts with incredible precision. He can launch lightning-based attacks that carry both destructive force and electrifying energy, often stunning opponents and causing considerable damage.

By nature Voltia loves to fight and seeing his ability is the control over thunder she defeat her opponent even before the hear the sound of thunder.

Power: 9/10 Creativity: 8/10 Speed: 9/10


  1. Thunderclap Crumbling Orb: Luck can generate a massive sphere of lightning that explodes upon impact, devastating everything in its vicinity.
  2. Valkyrie Dress: Luck’s magical ability enhances his speed and agility to incredible levels, allowing him to blitz through opponents with electrifying speed, leaving them little time to react.

Misaka Mikoto – The Railgun:

Misaka Mikoto, also known as “Railgun,” from the anime and manga series A Certain Scientific Railgun, possesses the ability to generate and control electricity with incredible precision.

Misaka’s signature move is the “Railgun,” where she channels immense electromagnetic force to launch objects at high velocity, firing them like projectiles.

By manipulating electricity, Misaka is able to launch devastating lightning-fast attacks, capable of piercing through solid structures and incapacitating opponents with their sheer force.

Power: 9/10 Creativity: 9/10 Speed: 8/10


  1. Railgun: Misaka can generate an immense electromagnetic force to launch objects at high velocity, firing them like a projectile. She can even create a devastating railgun capable of piercing through solid structures.
  2. Electromaster: Misaka’s control over electricity extends to various applications, such as creating electromagnetic barriers, manipulating magnetic fields, and even controlling electronic devices at will.

Ginji Amano – The Lightning Emperor:

Ginji Amano, also known as the “Lightning Emperor,” from the anime and manga series GetBackers, possesses the ability to generate and manipulate electricity.

Ginji’s signature move is called “Raitei no Sho” or “The Lightning Emperor’s True Form.”

In this state, Ginji’s entire body becomes enveloped in lightning, granting him enhanced strength, speed, and the ability to manipulate electricity on a grand scale.

He becomes a formidable force, capable of overwhelming opponents with lightning-based attacks.

Power: 8/10 Creativity: 7/10 Speed: 9/10


  1. Raitei no Sho: Ginji’s ultimate technique channels immense electrical energy, transforming him into the Lightning Emperor. In this form, he gains enhanced speed, strength, and the ability to manipulate electricity with unmatched power.
  2. Thunder Emperor Javelin: Ginji can concentrate electricity into a javelin-like projectile, throwing it with incredible speed and precision, delivering devastating blows to his adversaries.

Zatch Bell – The Lightning Spellcaster:

Zatch Bell, the titular character of the anime series Zatch Bell!, possesses lightning-based spells and abilities that he unleashes through his spellbook.

As Zatch Bell grows stronger throughout the series, he gains access to more powerful lightning spells. One such spell is “Bao Zakeruga,” where Zatch summons a gigantic dragon made of lightning.

This formidable lightning dragon possesses incredible destructive power and can devastate opponents in a single strike.

Power: 7/10 Creativity: 8/10 Speed: 6/10


  1. Zaker: Zatch Bell can cast the Zaker spell, creating a concentrated bolt of lightning that strikes his opponents with a potent electric shock, inflicting damage and incapacitating them.
  2. Bao Zakeruga: Zatch Bell’s most formidable spell, Bao Zakeruga, creates a gigantic dragon made of lightning that attacks his foes with incredible force, capable of obliterating everything in its path.
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