rinnegan naruto shippuden anime
rinnegan naruto shippuden anime

Why Does Naruto have not gotten the Rinnegan even after getting the six paths chakra and being the reincarnation of Ashura Otsutsuki ?

If you are among those who also have this question in mind then don’t worry my friends, today we will look at the reason why he didn’t awaken the Rinnegan and why does Sasuke had it.

Uptil now we have seen only 4 characters who had the Rinnegan namely Sage of six paths, Madara Uchiha ,Sasuke Uchiha and Mahato Uzumaki.

(We will not discuss Nagato because it was Madara who transplanted his Rinnegan into Nagato.)

And one thing which is common in all of them except Sage of Six Path is that they were the incarnation of Indra Otsutsuki and they had the blood of Sage of Six path flowing in them.

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And the activation condition of the Rinnegan was to have the occular eye of the six path with his Yang chakra.

Even in case of Indra Otsutsuki even though he was the son of Hagoromo he only had the eyes of him but never got the yang or senjutsu chakra so never Awaken it.

In case of Madara Uchiha he was the incarnate of Indra Otsutsuki who had the Sharingan eyes and when he transplanted the Hashirama cell who was the incarnate of Ashura Otsutsuki he awakened his Rinnegan.

And then in case of Sasuke he awakened his Rinnegan not through the blood of Naruto but by getting the chakra of Sage of six path during the fourth great ninja war.

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He got half of his yang chakra so he only awakened the Rinnegan in one of his eye.

But he can awake the Rinnegan in his other eye also if he get blood transfusion from Naruto or get the Hashirama cells prosthetic hand.

But in case of Naruto he had the soul of Ashura Otsutsuki in him and got the Ying chakra from sage of six path but still didn’t awaken the Rinnegan because he didn’t had the eyes of Sasuke.

Can Naruto Awaken the Rinnegan?

Yes, Naruto still can awaken the Rinnegan but for that he would need to transplant Sasuke’s Sharingan in his eye that way his Ashura chakra combine with the Indra chakra of Sasuke eye will awaken the Rinnegan in him.

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