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10 Dark Pokemon Conspiracy theories Will Change Your Childhood Memories

Dark Pokemon Conspiracy Theories That Will Change Your Childhood Memories

Conspiracy theories are things which you can find in all popular form of media may it be anime, manga or movies.

Even kids show like pokemon has got alot of these conspiracy theories some of them are about how the world of pokemon was created and some are happy fan theory.

But many times these theories gets darker tone cause we see them after growing up and facing darker reality of life.

In this blog post, we’ll dive deep into some of the most intriguing and mind-boggling Pokémon conspiracy theories that are sure to make you rethink your childhood memories.

  • Giovanni is Ash Father
  • Ash is a pokemon created in a lab / All Humans Are Pokemon
  • Ash Is Actually Dead Or In Coma
  • There is no heaven or hell in pokemon
  • Mimikyu are dead pikachu
  • Nearly all human adults are killed by pokemon
  • You as player killed Blue Raticate
  • People eat pokemon
  • Cubone are Kangashkhan whose mother died
  • Secret Government Experiments

Who is Ash Real Father?

Giovanni is ash ketchum dad pokemon conspiracy theory
Giovanni is ash ketchum dad pokemon conspiracy theory

The very first conspiracy theory that we will discuss is regarding the father of Ash Ketchum.

It was told to us in the show that his father is also a pokemon trainer who has started on his adventure to catch all pokemon just after Ash was born.

And it was also said that he is currently alive but maybe he was not able to complete his dream and took the side of evil and decided to kidnapp the pokemon than capturing them in fights.

And for that purpose he created the team rocket and for that reason Delia Ketchum never told Ash his father’s name which is Giovanni.

He was given his mother’s surname so that he will never find out that his real father is the biggest Don of the underworld of pokemon.

Why Ash Is still a child after so many years?

Ash ketchum / people is pokemonverse are actually pokemon | pokemon conspiracy theory
Ash ketchum / people is pokemonverse are actually pokemon | pokemon conspiracy theory

This theory is from my mind that Ash is actually not a human but a pokemon which give us the reason why he actually don’t age normally.

He was created by Professor Oak in his lab was given his memories and was took under care of his assistant Delia Ketchum who acted as his mother.

They made up a story about his father who is a pokemon trainer.

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This also explains why he don’t have any friends in his village, why he did not go to school even when pokemon world has schools for children.

And also why in his village there are not many people because all that land was bought by Oak for his experiment.

And why Oak gave him pikachu so that him staying near him can actually wirelessly recharge him.

And also why he can understand what his pokemon tell him about because he himself is a pokemon.

But from this we can also assume that many humans that we see in the pokemon world are also pokemon because for example officer Joy and Nurse Joy has many exactly same looking clone or sister which suggest they are also pokemon.

Pokemon and all adventures are inside Ash Mind

Ash ketchum is in a coma pokemon conspiracy theory
Ash ketchum is in a coma pokemon conspiracy theory

This conspiracy theory is very popular among all the pokemon fans and fans of dark theories.

The theory says that Ash had died or has been in an coma after the shock given to him by pikachu Or after the sparrow attack him in the first episode.

After that he has been in an coma for more than 3 decades and all the different species of pokemon continent are created by Ash in his mind.

Which also explains why he is not growing up and has been stuck in a 12 years old boys body.

No heaven or hell in pokemon

In pokemon universe we are shown the outer space, different dimension and even the void between the time.

But not once are we told about a world where beings go after death.

And the description of many dead pokemon tells us that they once were actually living human or pokemon.

So even after dieing people gets trapped in body of pokemon then they have to fight for the trainer who catches them.

So they become there fighting slaves and there is no afterlife after that.

This theory also gives us another theory down below.

Mikikyu origin from his death

Mimikyu true origin pokemon conspiracy theory
Mimikyu true origin pokemon conspiracy theory

One of the most famous pokemon in the frachise after the anime became popular was pikachu.

The cute loving rat who everyone will want to cuddle and smooch.

But they also after dieing in the previous evolution form as puchu whose wish to evol e was not fulfilled.

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Becomes a mimikyu who has to roam the pokemon world sad knowing that his wish to evolve into pikachu will never be fulfilled.

Most Adults were killed by Pokemon

The pokemon war pokemon conspiracy theory
The pokemon war pokemon conspiracy theory

In the pokemon universe we all have question why there are no adults and many of the gym leaders and pokemon trainers are kids.

So the theory explains the reason of this was a war between human and pokemon which took place many years ago in which most adults fought.

And only females and children were left to stay in home and since pokemon were much stronger most adults died.

The reference of that war comes many times in anime.

Killer of Red’s Raticate was You

raticate pokemon conspiracy theory
raticate pokemon conspiracy theory

In the pokemon red and blue game when we meets red in the cemetry in the talk with him we gets to know that he was there to bury his dead raticate.

And just before that we were the ones who fought with him on S. S. Anne which suggests that his raticate was gravely injured in our fight.

And he was not able to took him back to pokemon centre back on time and it died.

And maybe from above theory he has turned into one of the ghost pokemon of cemetery which we again defeated.

People eat pokemon

People eat pokemon pokemon conspiracy theory
People eat pokemon pokemon conspiracy theory

In the world of pokemon we are not shown any kinds of normal animal and if there is no normal animal whose meat does Brock always use in his dishes.

And even on top of that he sometimes makes food for the pokemon also which even the vegetarian version of pokemon eat.

So if there is no animal which tells us that people in pokemon eats the meat of wild or specially breed pokemon.

Which in turn also makes pokemon cannibals.

Cubone and Kangashkhan / Charizard relation

Cubone's origin pokemon conspiracy theory
Cubone’s origin pokemon conspiracy theory

This one is the most saddening theory of pokemon and also one of the oldest pokemon theory.

It tells us the origin of Cubone. We all know that cubone wears the skeleton of a pokemon.

And his appearance is very similar to Kangashkhan children design. S

So the theory is like this that one of the Kangashkhan was hunted down by poachers when she was alone with her son.

They took her teeth and skin to sell and let the baby kangashan there.

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But the baby never left and wore the head skeleton of her and took her vo ne for protection and never goes to his race cause was scared that hunter will kill him too.

This makes it sad that once he saw her mother die and lived in constant fear of during.

And well there is also another variant of this theory where it’s stated that Cubone is actually Chameleon whose mother died.

This also makes sense because Charizard after giving birth after the eggs hatch she is the one to light the fire of a Charmelon tails but maybe she died before the egg hatched.

The remaining story is same as the above kangaskhan form.

But this is also somewhat

Secret Government Experiments

Secret government pokemon experiment pokemon conspiracy theory
Secret government pokemon experiment pokemon conspiracy theory

One of the most unsettling theories suggests that Pokémon may be the result of secret government experiments.

This theory points to the strange and often sinister powers some Pokémon possess.

Think about it—Pokémon like Mewtwo, created in a laboratory, exhibit extraordinary psychic abilities.

Is it possible that governments in the Pokémon world have been conducting covert experiments, creating these creatures for their own purposes?

Another twist to the conspiracy theory is that Pokémon might be tools for mind control.

In the Pokémon games and series, trainers are often seen issuing commands to their Pokémon through devices like Poké Balls.

Some believe that these devices could be used to manipulate the minds of both Pokémon and humans.

And this becomes more reasonable when a sprite sees us we cant stop him from fighting , why can’t we say no to him.

The Dark Origins of Pokémon

Ancient Occult Rituals

Ash ketchum / people is pokemonverse are actually pokemon | pokemon conspiracy theory
Ash ketchum / people is pokemonverse are actually pokemon | pokemon conspiracy theory

What if the origins of Pokémon were not as innocent as we thought? Some conspiracy theorists suggest that Pokémon were born from ancient occult rituals.

The evidence lies in some Pokémon designs, which draw inspiration from folklore, mythology, and even Lovecraftian horrors.

Could there be a connection between these creatures and the dark forces of the occult?

Extraterrestrial Influence

Aliens and Pokémon—how could they possibly be connected? Well, some theorists propose that Pokémon may have extraterrestrial origins.

The idea is that these creatures might have been brought to Earth by advanced civilizations from other planets.

It explains the otherworldly powers and abilities exhibited by some Pokémon.

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