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Ranking Union Members From Undead Unluck Manga

Undead Unluck manga is a really great manga that has taken the concept of reality and has started to play with it in a fantasy setting.

In the world of Undead Unluck, the Gods keep creating the Earth and destroying it again and again just to see which side of the war wins in each round.

One of the Gods Sun had created the rules the concept of Umas which he added, if the Union fails in a task and to stop him from adding more rules and finally to kill him the Union was formed by Victor and Juiz in the very first loop.

From then on in each loop after finding the best members and ability of each negators Juiz had created a team of 11 negators who could kill the God and in this list we are gonna rank them.

Before we start this list it is gonna be from the Manga so it has all the spoilers for the anime watchers with this disclaimer let’s start our list of The strongest to weakest Negators of the Union from Undead Unluck manga.

  • Undead Victor
  • Undead Andy
  • Unjustice Juiz
  • Unfair Billy
  • Unluck Fuuko
  • Unchange Gina
  • Untruth Shen
  • Untouchable
  • Unmove Chikara
  • Unavoidable Void
  • Unsleep Ichico
  • Unstoppable Top
  • Unforgettable Nico
  • Unfeel Phil
  • Unbreakable Isshin

Undead Victor

The co-founder of the Union along with Juiz. Victor is the real identity of Andy the only negator who is capable of staying alive even after each Ragnarok even without the help of the Ark.

He had been helping Juiz in 99 loops until now but he didn’t want Juiz to suffer even more and he thought that there was no way to defeat God, hence in the 100th loop he tried to kill Juiz to stop her from attempting again and feeling despair.

He is the strongest among all the union members mainly because he had experience of hundreds of billions of years.

He is a master of using his regeneration powers along with mastering in controlling his blood attacks.

Undead Andy

andy the undead negator from undead unluck anime
Andy the undead negator from Undead Unluck anime

Andy was the alter Ego of Victor created by his negator ability when Juiz put the reset function of the Remember artifact in his brain of Victor.

This alter ego was to stop even his will to die.

Andy even though he was weaker in comparison to Victor as he had forgotten all the past fight experiences still his body remembers giving his very good battle IQ and reflexes.

And after meeting with Fuuko and her Unluck he had learned to use her power combined with his own undead abilities to become even more dangerous.

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Unjustice Juiz

Juiz was also the co-founder alongside Victor in forming the Union.

She had tried to kill God from the very first loop and was the only person until the 100th loop to have used the Ark.

Juiz’s negation power is of Injustice which allows her to negate the justice of others and it is a very broken ability.

She had used this power against the alien race when galaxy Uma was applied.

She very easily destroyed all the alien battalion whose justice was to destroy the human race and rule the earth, her power negated this justice and returned it.

This was also the reason why she was the leader of the Union for so many loops.

Unfair Billy

Billy was the vessel of Unfair which in terms of potential was the strongest negation ability which allowed its user to copy the negation power of anyone who hated or despised him.

Billy had created the Under organization as the rival of the Union to kill God which had all the experienced negators.

One of the reasons for creating it was to put a feeling of hate in Union members so he could use their powers.

He was also blind but never missed his shoot.

These things make him the 4th strongest member of the Union.

Unluck Fuuko

Fuuko the only person capable enough to kill God, the new user of the Ark and the leader of the Union in the 101st loop is the vessel of Unluck.

Her Unluck ability doesn’t affect her but it brings Unluck to anyone who makes physical contact with her and the longer the duration more horrible will the there death.

But for opponents who cant be kill her powers bring about ways to either capture them or bring about a method to kill even the unkillable.

Unchange Gina

In terms of destruction powers, Gina Unchange is the strongest.

Gina after manifesting her negation powers out of sudden emotions had killed more than 40000 people.

Her powers allow her to stop anything from changing let it be water, air, or her age.

She was able to form a barrier of Air around her using this.

She was also the only person in the union who was successful in capturing Andy.

Untruth Shen

The martial artist of the Union Shen has the most battle IQ and having mastered his martial arts style is capable enough to take on very strong opponents.

His Negation power of Untruth forces his opponent to stop or do completely opposite what they had thought.

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For example, if Shen’s opponent decides to kick him on the left side he will not be able to do so his truth of kicking him has become the Untruth of not kicking.

His power is also very useful in interrogation making his opponent reveal all the truth.

Untouchable Tatiana

Tatiana’s power of Untouchable makes her or others unable to get near her, to touch her. She has a very powerful barrier around her which can only be kept in bounds not removed and the longer it stays bound when you remove the armor it has a recoil.

Tataiana’s power can work both as a barrier and an attack if she releases her armor then anyone under the radius of her untouchable recoil gets blown to pieces.

Unmove Chikara

Chikara in terms of offense doesn’t have much for himself but when he combines his unmove with his teammates then it can be a game changer.

When Chikara sees someone while focusing on him all things in his sight stop moving.

In the beginning, he was not able to use it properly because he was so scared that he was always trembling in fear.

But when he had acquired enough confidence he was even able to fight against the 10th supreme rule Sick with his friends.

Unavoidable Void

Void Volks was a professional boxer before he had Joined the Union.

His negation power Unavoidable as the name says stop the opponent from dodging the hit and with his physical power and the suit of NIco are mostly one hit KO.

When he manifested it he was in a fight in which he had killed his opponent and was humiliated by media and people and his boxing career ended.

He is strong but because of the limitation of his power which is to physically hit he can’t win against those whose attack are Long distance based or energy attacks.

Unsleep Ichico

Ichico was the one who had who came up with the idea of Astral dolls but was not able to complete them because of exhaustion from her negation powers of Unsleep.

She was one of the scientist in the Union and also the wife of Nico.

She suffered from her negation of Unsleep which did not allowed her to sleep and but it was not she did not felt sleepy.

And because of that she died quiet young after manifesting her Unsleep.

She is in this place because her inventions were very great help for the union and if she lived more she could have used them.

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Unstoppable Top

Top Bull was the vessel of the Unstoppable negation power where the more he tried to stop more speed he will acquire.

He was able to surpass the speed of light with the help of Nico suit.

And his that speed gave him enough momentum to completely destroy anything in his path.

The thing that happened to Undecrease when Top collided with him.

Unforgettable Nico

He was a Negator in the 100th loop, having the negator ability of Unforgettable.

In terms of the attack or power potential, this negator ability was completely useless in the hands of someone else but for a genius scientist like Nico this gave him the power to remember everything allowing him to create better and better weapons and artifacts.

Unforgettable allows Nico to replicate fighting styles simply by copying the stances and movements with precise accuracy, allowing him to overcome seasoned fighters like Shen, Mui, and even Andy.

Which he had used when he created the Astral dolls after being negatively affected by his Unforgettable ability of his wife’s death.

Nico is a passionate and resolute person, desiring to learn everything about the world he can. He trusts facts more than theories, which is why he is an atheist and gets so upset when a new, unknown rule is added to the world.

Unfeel Phil

Phil is a small child whose entire body is made up of different artifact only his brain is of organic matter.

When Phil was born he got unfeel from birth all his emotions were turned into his powers.

He does not feel any kind of emotions, sensation nor does he talk often.

Because of his negation ability, he can use any artifact’s and the memory in them don’t affect him.

He can shoot lasers from his fingers but because he is unable to differentiate between a fight which he can win and a fight from which he should run he had to be put down on the list.

Unbreakable Isshin

Isshin from the 100th loop was the 13th person in her family to have gotten the Unbreakable ability.

The first Isshin was both a fighter and a master blacksmith whose weapons and armor were Unbreakable.

But our Isshin Haruka was a little girl who was always scared to fight someone nor her negation ability provided others protection.

Her Unbreakable was only for the Armor she wore.

She was powerful but because in terms of offense, she is of no use she is the lowest in this list.

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