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Top 20 Manga Manhwa Like Solo Leveling

Solo leveling is really unique in its art style from turning the weakest hunter to the strongest S-rank hunter with the power of shadow well there is no Manga completely similar to it but there are many which have as good a story as solo leveling So let us start our list of top 10 best Manga manhwa Like solo leveling list.

The list of those mangas is given below and they are explained further down below so keep reading them.

Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

legendary moonlight sculptor manhwa

The first Manga on our list is a legendary Moonlight sculptor.

It is a story where a game avatar got unexpectedly sold at 3.1 billion and was named the legendary God of War which was the avatar of Lee Hyun.

It started a complete turn of events happening in his life he thought now he could get out of poverty and live a life of happiness and get his sister to have a good education but he lost all this money because it all was taken by loans sharks for the debt his father had taken.

This is a story where Lee Hyun the human again started playing the new VR game Royal Road to make a lot of money to make the loan Shark pay for his embarrassment.

Journey To The West

journey to the west

Journey to the West is a manga where a famous story by the same name is retold by Son Goku or Sun Wukong the monkey king and his master to return the sacred scroll to heaven but here the artist has imagined that what if the actual story was not same as we had heard.

What if the monk was betrayed by God after he got to his destination and delivered the Sutra the sacred Buddhist text to Indra and the 4 kings of heaven?

What if they attacked Monkey King and all the companions of monk Tang Sanzang?

In this manga, it is shown that Buddha knew that if the Sutra gets into the hand of heaven it will destroy the balance of nature and in the manga, we see how Tang Sanzang takes the Sutra back to Nirvana with the help of Buddha to restore the balance of the world

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Second Life Ranker

second coming of gluttony

So Third manga on our list is Second Life ranker In this manga our protagonist is a game character in a game that takes place in sleep in a dream world or can say when the player sleeps he gets transported to another.

The story in Manga is like that the brother of our protagonist was also a character in the game whose name was Artia who became the top ranker in-game but he was betrayed by his friend and the king who feared Artia’s power and his dying in-game made him die in real life and now his younger brother is going to take his place and find revenge for his brother.

Maze Age Z

Maze Age Z is a manga of isekai genre but unlike most the isekai where the hero is reincarnated into an advanced world much ahead of time with a lot of powerful magic and advanced technology the complete opposite takes place in this maze age z.

He the world is much behind in time here magic and technology both are behind in technology even summoning small creatures will make you be regarded as a genius and just even knowing addition and subtraction mean you are someone on Einstein’s level.

Here the protagonist is the chief of the village but that is a poor village with not many resources at their hands.

So he using magic summons the souls of another from the parallel universe into his own body who with the understanding of the knowledge of earth gonna save those villagers and make it into a stronghold.

Nidome Noo Yuusha

The last one on our list is Nidome Noo Yuusha. This is a completely unique and awesome manga in the isekai genre.

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It’s a Dark Fantasy Manga where the summoned Hero from another world was betrayed and killed now he gets another life to seek Revenge against the one who betrayed him.

The story is like this the hero was summoned from Earth to defeat the demon Lord when did so and the time came for him to return to his world back he was stabbed in his heart by the princess and she tells him that his family, friend, relatives and more than 200 people whom he knew were sacrificed to get him to this world so no one is left for him to return. Now his story for revenge begins.

Returners Magic Should BE special

returners magic should be special manhwa

Returners magic should be special is a manhwa which has a really unique story and art style like solo leveling here, unlike Sung-Jin Woo was weak from the start our character here is not weak from knowledge but the thing is compared to other magicians his mana pool is really low but all that is cut out from his knowledge of what’s gonna happen in the future from his resurrection and he knows how to counteract with them using his analysis magic and making strategies accordingly.

But this is not gonna be a bore cause as he is changing the future then will also change accordingly so the opponent he gonna face in the future will come sooner and make the difficulty really high to good manga and great compatibility with solo levelling.

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Skeleton Soldier Couldn’t protect The Dungeon


This Manhwa has got much manga mixed into it from the reincarnation of re-zero to the gaming like the interface of the gamer and solo leveling and the monster features from re-monster. this is a really great manga if you like solo leveling.

The story is like the master or the necromancer of a skeleton dies and his death results in him getting free from the spell and making him alive now each time he dies he gets Revived at a certain point back in time and he is trying to stop his master and his dear ones from dying.

And also at the same time stopping a war which is gonna take place in future.

As the story progress we come to uncover the secrets about why he has this power and how his power comes from another world.

Very unique story and the graphics are mind-blowing will highly recommend to any fans of solo leveling.

Second coming Of Gluttony

second coming of gluttony

He was an addict, an unlucky, poor man. But one fleeting dream that could have been reality awakened his once-lost feelings. He has a unique ability, he will use it.

A strange dream helped him to pave his own way into the world now known as the Lost Paradise.

This manga I will say is very similar to the style of solo leveling as many of its features resemble the story of solo leveling which is gonna happen in the light novels and are really able to give the story that deep interaction and attention.

It is about the war between humans and gods for the lost paradise which happens under the 7 gods named each after the sins.

Our hero before being a part of this war was just an addict whose life was nothing but straight-up hell but because the goddess Gula granted his one wish this is all gonna change for good.

You should definitely read it if you like solo leveling.

I’m A spider So What?

This manhwa even has an anime adaptation now you can go through it.

When a mysterious explosion killed an entire class full of high school students, the souls of everyone in the class were transported into a fantasy world and reincarnated.

While some students were reincarnated as princes or prodigies, others were not as blessed. Our heroine, who was the lowest in the class, discovered that she was reincarnated as a spider!?

Now at the bottom of the food chain, she needs to adapt to the current situation with the willpower to live! Stuck in a dangerous labyrinth filled with monsters, it’s eating or being eaten!

This is the story of a spider doing whatever she can to survive!

The story is about a fantasy world where a fight between a demon and a hero leads to the demise of a whole classroom because of dimensional imbalance.

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All the dead reincarnates due to unusual circumstances leading to their death. Most of the children and teachers reincarnate as usual human beings.

However, some unlucky people reincarnate as monsters. Our protagonist, Kumiko, is one of them and reincarnates as a giant spider.

That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime


This time, we are told the story of Mikami Satoru, a man who is killed by a robber.

He died trying to save his co-worker and fiancee.

Then, when she’s about to pass away, he hears a voice, which grants him a particular skill.

He wakes up in a new world, now converted into slime.

Have you not heard about Slimes? They’re literally the weakest creatures in every game you can think of.

Even weaker compared to goblins. This story is not the exception, but there’s a trick to it.

However, despite his weakness, his story is just about to start. After exploring the cave, he finds out a dragon is living in the deepest part of the cave. What will be the outcome of this story?

The protagonist has the ability to transfer his soul into another person’s body, which makes him able to gain their skills and use them to his favor.

Being a slime doesn’t seem too boring now, huh?

Tower of God

In “Tower of God,” the protagonist, Bam, enters the Tower to find his best friend, Rachel, who had disappeared inside.

The Tower is a mysterious structure with countless floors, each with its own trials and challenges, and the tower only allows the chosen or the gifted ones to enter the tower to compete to become the strongest in the world.

The story further tells us it was Bam who was chosen by the tower and Rachel was able to get in because of Bam.

As Bam climbs higher, he befriends other Regulars and faces various tests designed to weed out the weak and reward the strong.

The story unfolds as Bam discovers the secrets behind the Tower and its mysterious ruler, Zahard.

With each floor presenting new dangers and adversaries, Bam must grow stronger and develop meaningful bonds with his allies to survive the perilous ascent.

The God of High School

In this action-packed manhwa, high school students participate in the ultimate martial arts tournament called The God of High School.

The tournament is organized by a mysterious organization that promises the winner a wish.

The story follows Jin Mori, a talented fighter with incredible skills, Han Daewi, a skilled martial artist, and Yu Mira, a swordswoman.

As they compete against other participants with their unique fighting styles and abilities, they uncover a deeper conspiracy behind the tournament and the organization that runs it.

The manhwa features intense battles, strategic combat, and strong character development.

Hardcore Leveling Warrior

This manhwa has been completed so will definitely recommend going through all the chapters in one sitting.

“Hardcore Leveling Warrior” is set in the virtual reality game Lucid Adventure. The titular character, Hardcore Leveling Warrior, is known as the strongest player in the game.

He is very greedy, arrogant, and a total egghead by nature but after he loses all of that cause of another person he completely changes.

However, after losing all his levels, power, and reputation due to a mysterious incident, he becomes a low-level player. Determined to regain his status and power,

He embarks on a journey to reclaim his former glory and defeat the players who wronged him.

The manhwa showcases the protagonist’s growth as he overcomes challenges, forges new alliances, and unveils the truth behind the game’s mechanics and hidden secrets.


overgeared manhwa

Overgeared is all a manhwa which is based on a light novel just like solo leveling and for me the story of Overgeared is much more deep and much more satisfying than Solo leveling. It is also large than it is in terms of chapters.

Shin Youngwoo, the protagonist, is a gaming addict who plays the virtual reality game Satisfy.

Despite being mocked and considered weak, he stumbles upon a legendary class item that grants him unparalleled power.

As Grid, his in-game character, goes on a quest to prove himself and rise to the top as the strongest player in Satisfy.

The story follows Grid’s adventures, battles against formidable foes, and his interactions with other players and NPCs.

Throughout the manhwa, Grid’s character development, strategic gameplay, and engaging world-building make it an enthralling read.

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I am the Sorcerer King

In “I am the Sorcerer King,” Earth faces an invasion of monstrous creatures from another dimension.

The protagonist, Sung Hoon, wakes up in the past with memories from the future.

Armed with the knowledge of the impending apocalypse, he seeks to change the future and prevent the catastrophe.

As he gradually unlocks his powers as a sorcerer, Sung Hoon faces increasingly powerful foes and uncovers the secrets behind the origin of monsters.

The manhwa blends action, mystery, and supernatural elements, showcasing the protagonist’s growth and determination to protect humanity.

Solo Bug Player

In a world where reality becomes game-like, the protagonist, nicknamed “Bug,” discovers that he is the only one with RPG-like powers. The setting of the solo bug player is exactly like solo leveling a portal to another dimension that has opened and hunters get in them to close them by defeating monsters.

But each hunter is awakened with a fixed amount of power and skill.

But the bug can level up and acquire skills, much like a game character.

He sets out to explore this newfound reality, uncover the truth behind the system, and seek the meaning behind his unique powers.

Along the way, Bug faces numerous challenges, including monsters and other “players” with similar abilities.

The manhwa offers an intriguing twist on the isekai genre with its game mechanics and exploration of a world in flux.

The Beginning After the End

King Grey, a powerful sorcerer, dies and is reincarnated as a baby in a different world.

Retaining his memories from his past life, he decides to lead a different life and strives to become stronger to protect his loved ones.

As he grows, he must navigate the complexities of being a prince while concealing his true abilities.

King Grey encounters various challenges, political intrigues, and magical foes that test his strength and resolve.

The manhwa combines elements of fantasy, action, and kingdom-building as King Grey establishes himself in this new world.

Ranker’s Return

After becoming the strongest Ranker in the Tower of Paradise, Asher is betrayed and killed.

However, he gets a second chance at life and returns to the Tower to seek revenge against those who wronged him.

Armed with his past life’s knowledge and strength, Asher faces formidable adversaries and uncovers the true nature of the Tower’s power structure.

The manhwa explores themes of redemption, vengeance, and the pursuit of power as Asher aims to reclaim his rightful place and confront the forces that caused his downfall.


Existence is a manhwa which has a really unique story.

If you are someone who knows the Indian belief of Rebirth and reincarnation you will love this manhwa.

What would it be like if you are just a soul who never dies just changes the body, once you were among the first bacteria who came into existence and currently you are on top of food chain as a human.

And what would you do if you remembered every single of your life in the 3.5 billions years.

This manhwa follows this narrative, our protagonist Lee Jain (I’m Vivek Jain) had been in this world who kept reborning in different bodies each life.

He had all knowledge of his past and because of which he had started to hate human kind because in most of his life he was killed by humans not for survival but for fun.

In this manhwa we will see how his beliefs reform and the twist is that he has some supernatural powers.

Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint

In this manhwa, the protagonist, a reader of a novel, finds himself transported into the world of the novel as a side character.

Armed with knowledge of the future events from the novel, he navigates through the story, trying to change the tragic fate of the characters and the world.

As he interacts with the characters and events, he discovers that his actions can have unintended consequences.

The manhwa blends elements of fantasy, adventure, and meta-fiction, providing a unique and engaging narrative.

A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special

Desir Arman, a former hero, goes back in time to prevent the destruction of the world. He possesses knowledge of the future and seeks to use it to alter the course of events.

Desir attends a magic academy, where he gathers allies and hones his skills to prepare for the impending catastrophe.

The manhwa features themes of time travel, character growth, and the weight of responsibility as Desir strives to rewrite destiny and protect those he cares about.

vivek jain

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