All devouring whale manhwa ai generated poster
All devouring whale manhwa ai generated poster

Discover tales of summoners in manga and manhwa. From legendary tamer to necromancer, experience a journey where MCs summon and control monsters.

In manga and manhwa, there are many kinds of powers given to main characters and sometimes when the MC has to show his leadership he is given the powers to summon.

If you’re a fan of manga and manhwa where the main character can summon monsters, then you’re in luck! There are plenty of titles out there that feature this exciting premise.

Many times he lives in a world of monsters that no one can control and there to show the capability of MC is given the title of the legendary summoner.

And today we are going to look at some of this manga and manhwa where the main characters can summon monsters or in other words a summoner, necromancer, or a tamer.

  • Second Life Ranker
  • Seoul Station Druid
  • The Child of Light
  • Solo Levelling
  • Farmer of Spirit
  • Taming Master
  • All Devouring Whale
  • Kojiin Tamer
  • Isekai Monster Breeder
  • Legend
  • By the grace of the gods
  • Black Summoner
  • Dragon

Second Life Ranker

Second life ranker is dark in tone the main reason of the MC is to take revenge for his brother’s death and for this he becomes one of the most powerful.

And in his search for power, he was given the ability to control the dead souls which he uses to control strong opponents whom he defeat and take them as his servant forcefully without their free will after their death.

The story is full of action and the MC has to climb a infinitely tall tower in which each level gave him all kinds of challenges which he has to overcome and find all the culprit behind his brothers death and then become a god.

This manhwa is on many of my top manhwa lists so it’s a must-read.

Seoul Station Druid

Seoul station druid is somewhat of a new manhwa which currently does not have a large fan following and is currently in the dark.

Its story takes place after the earth has nearly been destroyed and just like solo leveling portals to another world have opened where some gifted individuals go to stop the monsters from getting free and destroying the survivors of earth.

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It has a story mixed up from many manhwas it has the element of solo leveling, beginning after the end, omniscient reader viewpoint, and some more.

The Child Of Light

The MC is a lazy boy in whose world the characters have to decide their magic attribute by the age of 7. And they also have to choose a side attribute both of which he will keep for life.

Since he did not want to achieve anything and was not willing to give the effort to improve he chooses light magic . They also are given a magical beast that they have to use and are linked to the soul.

But as time pass his light magic which nearly no one chooses combined with his tamed monster makes him very overpowered.

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Solo Levelling

solo levelling manhwa ai generated

If you are someone who loves manhwa then you would definitely hear about solo leveling and most like would have read it.

The most popular and unique story of solo leveling is the story of Sung jin woo who stops a catastrophe from happening by turning back time and for this, he became the ruler of the dead.

And being the monarch or king of the dead he can control them summon them of his will and destroy their very existence from the soul.

He is the one who control being from the beginning of time including dragons, orcs, warriors, bugs and ants which were once in the army of the God the creator of that universe.

Now this is getting a prequel where the story of sung jin woo will be followed by his son.

Farmer of Spirit

Mc after training for 11 years and acquiring superhuman strength decides to stop and leave the hero business and return back to his village to his parents.

There he had a farm where a powerful farming spirit decides to combine with him which can grow anything and being a very powerful nature spirit could also summon another spirit that now completely turns his life and could now finally retire.

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This is a light hearted manga where there is action sprinkled here and there but mostly it’s a light read.

Taming Master

Taming master is another manga were summoning a monster is involved here the story takes place inside a virtual world game.

Here the mc is the greatest level 99 archer in the game but finds a legendary new job if he chooses it his level will reset to level 1 and will again has to grind but he chooses to go with it.

Now he has to tame many monsters and get back to his level 99 within 2month which takes a normal person 2 years if he doesn’t want to get an F grade in an exam.

All Devouring Whale

A great story with good art. All devouring whale has taken the tamer stance differently where the tamed monster could even end the master’s life and this is what happened to our MC whose tamed whale devoured him.

In this manhwa, the main character gains the ability to summon and control a powerful whale-like monster. The story is set in a world where humans and monsters coexist, and the main character, Yoon Seol-Hwa, who has the power to summon and control a giant whale.

But as the story moves forward it’s revealed that it was not natural but was planned to kill him by spreading a secret only his clan which became extinct knew about.

The art style is unique and eye-catching, and the story is full of action and adventure.

The story will link you to this manhwa so if you are someone who loves taming and leveling systems do read it.

Kojiin Tamer

After the main character dying of old age is reborn as an orphan child in a world full of monsters. He gets taken in by an orphanage where he shows talent because of abilities given to him by god.

He learns to use magics and makes some friends with little monsters its story has the potential to become popular and he will make many more monster friends as he grows old so give it a read.

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Isekai Monster Breeder

When sent to another world the mc was given the most unwanted profession monster tamer just for this disadvantage he was given the monster tamer ball which has a 100% chance of forming a link with monsters.

This is full of ecchi material so its story goes more towards fan service rather than developed on the story but still its new and if the author decides to make it rich in story it can pick up.

By the grace Of the Gods

This manhwa is unique in the isekai genre as it has given a lot of focus on the lowly magic species slime.

Isekai story where the MC reincarnated but before his reincarnation took place three gods of that world asked him to do some work.

After being born he has a carefree life and after encountering slime in the forest he made up his mind to experiment on them with his new magic powers and change their features.

So if you love slime and are a fan of that time I got reincarnated as a slime then give it a shot.

Black Summoner

Hero here is reborn but he had exchanged his old memories and decided to get more power and abilities for them.

In this new world, he don’t have any knowledge of his previous life and only comes to know about the trade from the goddess who he makes his first tamed monster this is in turn becomes humorous and very exciting.

This is among a very known and one of the best summoning manga based on summoning.


This manga/manhwa follows the story of a girl who is transported to another world and gains the ability to summon dragons.

The story is set in a world where dragons are real and can be summoned by certain people. The main character, Tatsu, is a young girl who is transported to this world and gains the power to summon and control dragons.

She uses her abilities to explore the world and to protect her friends. The art style is detailed and beautiful, and the story is full of wonder and adventure.

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