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The Ultimate Guide to 30+ Best Anime Cats

Hello, anime friends today I was watching fairy tail and thinking what should I write about today in my blog post, then suddenly I heard Happy saying dont worry I am here from there I decided that todays topic will on on the top best anime cats and If you’re a cat lover and an anime aficionado, you’re in for a treat.

Today, we’re diving deep into the enchanting world of anime cats, ranking them based on cuteness, memorable design, and their impact on the story. Let’s embark on this feline adventure and explore their captivating tales.

1. Doraemon – The Gadgets of Tomorrow

  • Cuteness: 8/10 | Memorable Design: 9/10 | Impact on Story: 10/10

Doraemon, our top-ranking anime cat, is not your ordinary feline. He’s a robotic cat from the future, armed with a treasure trove of futuristic gadgets.

These gadgets, often pulled from his magic pouch, help his friend Nobita navigate the ups and downs of life.

The name given to the show Doraemon shows how necessary he is to the story. This cat is the dream of every kid from the 90’s we all wanted a cat which can give us gadgets like helicopter hat and anywhere door.

HIs big, round eyes and signature red bow and blue shade are instantly recognizable to any kids born in the 90’s.

2. Hello Kitty – The Global Icon

  • Cuteness: 9/10 | Memorable Design: 10/10 | Impact on Story: 6/10

Hello Kitty takes the second spot on our list. With her enchanting simplicity and universal appeal, she’s become a global icon. Hello Kitty’s design, featuring her red bow, is etched in our memories.

Though she may not have a direct impact on her stories, her presence is a symbol of friendship, kindness, and positivity, transcending generations and cultures.

3. Chi – The Curious Kitten

  • Cuteness: 9/10 | Memorable Design: 7/10 | Impact on Story: 8/10

In the third place, we have Chi from “Chi’s Sweet Home.”

This tiny, curious kitten embarks on delightful misadventures while exploring the world around her. A grey and white kitten with black stripes wanders away from her mother and siblings one day while enjoying a walk outside with her family. 

She is easily distracted and does not have much experience of the world. Chi is particularly attracted to small moving objects, but is scared by larger animals, especially dogs.

Her cuteness is off the charts, and her round face and big eyes are utterly endearing. Chi’s story revolves around her innocent exploration and her unwavering optimism, making her a heartwarming character for all ages.

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4. Kyo Sohma – The Cursed Cat

  • Cuteness: 7/10 | Memorable Design: 8/10 | Impact on Story: 9/10

Taking the fourth spot is Kyo Sohma from “Fruits Basket.”

Kyo is cursed by the spirit of the Cat, an animal who would have been part of the Chinese Zodiac had the Rat not tricked him into missing the ceremony.

Kyo is a complex character who carries the weight of a zodiac curse. When hugged by the opposite sex, he transforms into a cat. His struggles with identity and acceptance are central to the story, earning him a solid place on our list.

5. Jiji – The Witty Familiar

  • Cuteness: 8/10 | Memorable Design: 9/10 | Impact on Story: 7/10

Stealing the fifth place is Jiji from “Kiki’s Delivery Service.” Jiji is the witty, talkative cat who accompanies the young witch Kiki. His humorous comments and unwavering loyalty bring warmth to the story.

His ability to shift between cat and human forms adds a layer of enchantment to the tale.

Since Jiji is not an ordinary cat but a witch familiar she can live for a very long time and in terms of a normal cats age she is an elderly.

6. Kuroneko – The Mysterious Spirit

  • Cuteness: 7/10 | Memorable Design: 8/10 | Impact on Story: 7/10

Kuroneko-sama is a mysterious, supernatural cat from “Trigun.” Known for its enigmatic presence, this feline adds a touch of mystique to the series.

She had appeared in every since episode of anime but have not done much, she is like the viewer who is watching but has the power to interact directly with the story.

With its sleek black fur and alluring yellow eyes, Kuroneko-sama’s design is both captivating and memorable.

7. Luna, Artemis And Diana – The Lunar Guardians

  • Cuteness: 8/10 | Memorable Design: 9/10 | Impact on Story: 8/10
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Luna and Artemis, the adorable pair from “Sailor Moon,” share the seventh spot. These two talking cats are not only cute but also pivotal characters who guide and mentor the Sailor Guardians.

Diana had joined them later in the series but her work is the same to guide there owner. They had lived for 1000 of years and has immense knowledge, Diana is the youngest among them and was born on the earth.

Their crescent-moon symbols and wise advice make them stand out.

8. Blair – The Shape-Shifting Cat Witch

  • Cuteness: 7/10 | Memorable Design: 8/10 | Impact on Story: 7/10

Blair is a shape-shifting cat witch from “Soul Eater.” Her seductive and mischievous nature adds a unique twist to the series.

According to Blair, she is a cat with immense magical power and as such, is capable of several abilities unusual for a cat capable enough to mistake her for a genuine Witch.

In her cat form, she was able to physical overwhelm the Mizune sisters individually.

Blair’s design, with her captivating yellow eyes and magical prowess, leaves a lasting impression.

9. Bananya – The Half-Banana, Half-Cat

  • Cuteness: 9/10 | Memorable Design: 7/10 | Impact on Story: 6/10

Bananya is a charming character who takes the ninth spot. This delightful half-banana, half-cat creature lives inside a banana, creating a one-of-a-kind character.

Bananya’s cuteness factor is through the roof, and while he may not have a complex storyline, his innocent adventures are a joy to watch.

10. Neko-sensei – The Transforming Teacher

  • Cuteness: 8/10 | Memorable Design: 7/10 | Impact on Story: 8/10

Neko-sensei is the homeroom teacher who can transform into a cat in “Natsume’s Book of Friends.”

With a gentle and wise demeanor, Neko-sensei plays a significant role in the story, helping the main character navigate the world of spirits.

His presence is both comforting and impactful.

11. Madara/Nyanko-sensei – The Elusive Cat Spirit

  • Cuteness: 7/10 | Memorable Design: 8/10 | Impact on Story: 9/10

Madara, also known as Nyanko-sensei, is a prominent character in “Natsume’s Book of Friends.”

This plump and wise cat spirit, sealed in a lucky cat statue, takes the eleventh spot.

Nyanko-sensei’s role is pivotal, as he helps the main character, Natsume, deal with spirits and the Book of Friends.

Madara wanted to have her hands on the Youkai book but made a deal with Natsume to protect him as long he is alive and then become the owner of his book.

Despite his initial gruffness, his affection for Natsume grows over time, adding depth to his character.

12. Meowth – The Cat of Team Rocket

  • Cuteness: 6/10 | Memorable Design: 7/10 | Impact on Story: 9/10

Meowth from “Pokémon” is not your typical cat. As part of Team Rocket, he’s a cat-like character with a unique role. He has all the desires of a human and dont want to become a captured pet.

He has respect for his freedom and does everything in his power to make everything that way. While his cuteness might be debatable, his role is undeniably significant.

Meowth’s antics and his ability to speak human language set him apart from other Pokémon, making him a central figure in the Pokémon world.

13. Kamineko – The Violent Cat

  • Cuteness: 5/10 | Memorable Design: 6/10 | Impact on Story: 6/10

Kamineko is a recurring cat character in “Azumanga Daioh.” Known for its violent outbursts, Kamineko is a unique and comical presence. Though not the cutest or most memorable, Kamineko’s unpredictable behavior adds a quirky twist to the story.

Kamineko is a gray cat that Sakaki occasionally sees on the way to and from school. Having a great soft spot for cats, Sakaki tries to pet it, but it ends up latching its huge, beartrap-like teeth onto her hand.

This becomes one of the series’ biggest running gags.

14. Kamine Ayaka – The Transforming Catgirl

  • Cuteness: 8/10 | Memorable Design: 7/10 | Impact on Story: 6/10

Kamine Ayaka from “My Senpai is Annoying” is a character who can transform into a catgirl when flustered.

Her charming and cute catgirl form adds a touch of fantasy to the series, creating amusing situations and light-hearted moments.

Her cuteness factor is indeed high, making her endearing to viewers.

15. Kuroro – The Magical Talking Cat

  • Cuteness: 7/10 | Memorable Design: 7/10 | Impact on Story: 8/10

Kuroro is a magical talking cat in “Black Clover” known for his magical knowledge and guidance. His unique abilities and insights contribute significantly to the story. Though his cuteness might not be his standout feature, his role as a mentor adds depth and intrigue to the series.

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16. Tamao Suzumi – The Catgirl

  • Cuteness: 8/10 | Memorable Design: 7/10 | Impact on Story: 6/10

Tamao Suzumi is a catgirl character from “Strawberry Panic!”

Her presence adds a mix of mystery and whimsy to the series, as she navigates the intricacies of an all-girls’ school.

Her cute catgirl form is a visual delight and enhances the story’s charm.

17. Nina – The Catgirl with Magical Powers

  • Cuteness: 8/10 | Memorable Design: 7/10 | Impact on Story: 7/10

Nina is a catgirl character from “Ultra Maniac.” She brings a mix of humor and magical elements to the story.

Her cute appearance and magical abilities make her a standout character, impacting the narrative through her adventures and interactions with the main cast.

18. Kirara – The Loyal Feline Companion

  • Cuteness: 9/10 | Memorable Design: 8/10 | Impact on Story: 8/10

Kirara, the loyal and powerful feline companion of Sango in “Inuyasha,” is a character with remarkable depth.

Her appearance is of a very small puppy size 3 tailed fox but she can transform into a much larger and more ferocious form, aiding the group in battles.

Kirara is originally the companion of Midoriko, the miko who created the Shikon no Tama, suggesting that she is far older than she seemed, which made her the oldest member of Inuyasha’s group.

Her fierce loyalty and significance in battles make her an essential part of the story.

19. Ichigo Momomiya – The Magical Catgirl Warrior

  • Cuteness: 8/10 | Memorable Design: 8/10 | Impact on Story: 7/10

Ichigo Momomiya, from “Tokyo Mew Mew,” is the protagonist character with a twist. She gains the abilities of a wildcat and transforms into a cat-themed superhero to save the world from aliens.

When transformed into a full cat, she has black fur with pink paw pads and pink inside her ears. She maintains her pink eyes and tail ribbon from her Mew Mew form and the ribbon choker from her civilian form.

Her cuteness and memorable design as a catgirl warrior make her a standout character in the magical girl genre.

20. Shampoo – The Shape-Shifting Cat

  • Cuteness: 7/10 | Memorable Design: 7/10 | Impact on Story: 7/10

Shampoo, a character from “Ranma ½,” is a shape-shifting cat who transforms into her cat form when splashed with cold water.

Her playful and sometimes mischievous antics add a layer of humor to the story, keeping viewers entertained.

21. Tama – The Wise and Elderly Cat

  • Cuteness: 6/10 | Memorable Design: 7/10 | Impact on Story: 8/10

Tama is a wise and elderly cat from “Hayate the Combat Butler.”

He provides guidance to the main characters, lending a touch of wisdom to the series. While he may not be the cutest cat, his role in helping the characters navigate their challenges is significant.

22. Natsuki – The Cat Character with Transformative Abilities

  • Cuteness: 7/10 | Memorable Design: 7/10 | Impact on Story: 7/10

Natsuki is a cat character from “Hyper Police” with the ability to transform into various forms, including a human.

Her shapeshifting abilities add intrigue and complexity to the story, as she aids the main characters in their adventures.

23. Ikuto Tsukiyomi – The Cat with Character Transformation

  • Cuteness: 8/10 | Memorable Design: 8/10 | Impact on Story: 8/10

Ikuto Tsukiyomi, from “Shugo Chara!,” possesses the “Black Lynx” character transformation, which gives him cat-like characteristics.

His cuteness and memorable design as a catboy add depth to the story.

His struggle with his character transformation and the secrets he holds contribute significantly to the series.

24. Leon – The Cute and Talking Chameleon Cat

  • Cuteness: 7/10 | Memorable Design: 7/10 | Impact on Story: 7/10

Leon, from “Pet Shop of Horrors,” is a cute and talking chameleon cat known for his enigmatic pet shop.

His quirky and mysterious character adds an eerie yet captivating atmosphere to the series.

His presence plays a key role in the individual stories that unfold in the pet shop.

25. Ryo-Ohki – The Cat-like Space Creature

  • Cuteness: 8/10 | Memorable Design: 8/10 | Impact on Story: 8/10

Ryo-Ohki, from the “Tenchi Muyo!” series, is a cat-like creature with the ability to transform into a spaceship.

Her adorable and memorable design, with her fluffy fur and carrot-eating antics, adds charm to the series.

Ryo-Ohki’s dual nature as both a pet and a spaceship is a central element of the story.

26. Happy – The Flying Blue Cat

  • Cuteness: 9/10 | Memorable Design: 8/10 | Impact on Story: 7/10
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Happy, from “Fairy Tail,” is a flying blue cat with a distinctive and adorable design. His ability to fly using his magical wings and his humorous interactions with the other characters make him a beloved and memorable character. While he may not be central to the story, his presence adds comic relief and a sense of wonder to the series.

And Happy is not a pet to Natsu but a liitle brother who has been with him since his childhood.

He had been with him in good times and bad, he has fought with him providing him the ability to fly. And he always present with Natsu when he goes to Lucy for the humour.

27. Korin – The Tower Guardian

  • Cuteness: 5/10 | Memorable Design: 6/10 | Impact on Story: 8/10

Korin, a wise and elderly cat, resides atop Korin Tower in “Dragon Ball.” While he may not be the cutest or most visually striking cat on our list, his role in the story is paramount.

Korin was the one who had trained Master Roshi the teacher and inventer of Ka me ha me ha and Korin is the only person who knows how to grow senju beans which had saved the Z fighters many times in fight against Buu, android 18 and against Saiyan and the army of frienza.

He provides training and guidance to Goku and other characters, helping them unlock their potential. His Senzu Beans, which have saved the Z Fighters countless times, have a profound impact on the story’s progression.

28. Beerus – The God of Destruction

  • Cuteness: 4/10 | Memorable Design: 9/10 | Impact on Story: 9/10

Beerus, the feline deity from “Dragon Ball Super,” ranks highly in terms of memorable design and impact on the story. He was introduced as the god of destruction and as time passed became the reason for goku to acquire super saiyan god and ultra instinct.

His sleek, purple, and cat-like appearance makes him stand out. As the God of Destruction, Beerus holds immense power and plays a pivotal role in the Dragon Ball universe. His actions and decisions have far-reaching consequences, shaping the course of events in the series.

He is a cat who is in the form of the ancient egyptian god Seth the god of death and so is the work of Beerus in dragon ball to brind death to the universe 7.

29. Puck – The Mysterious Spirit

  • Cuteness: 7/10 | Memorable Design: 8/10 | Impact on Story: 9/10

Puck, also known as the “Great Spirit of Fire,” is a prominent character in “Re:Zero.” Although not a conventional cat, Puck takes on the form of a small, adorable cat-like creature with distinctive blue fur and expressive eyes.

Puck’s impact on the story is profound. He serves as Emilia’s protector and companion, and their relationship is central to the series. Puck’s magical abilities, particularly his control over ice and snow, play a crucial role in various plot developments. His mysterious past and connection to Emilia’s heritage contribute to the overarching mysteries of the story.

As “Re:Zero” explores complex themes of time loops, suffering, and resilience, Puck’s character serves as a compelling and enigmatic element, adding layers to the story’s emotional depth. His significance goes beyond his cute appearance, making him a beloved and memorable character in the world of anime.

30. One Piece – Nekomamushi

  • Cuteness: 7/10 | Memorable Design: 8/10 | Impact on Story: 8/10

One of the most important character in the zunesha arc Nekomamushi is one of guardian soldier of the whale forest of zou.

He is the ruler of night on zou and is one of the retainer of Kozuki family. He is a memeber of the mink tribe and a very skilled fighterwho had lost one of his hand in fight against Zack.

He is now a friend of the straw hat pirates. Just like most members of the Mink Tribe, he has a form called Sulong which makes him even more ferocious once he stares at a full moon. His Sulong form grants him longer and more jagged fur to make him more monstrous and grants him a huge boost in power.

He was a major part of the wano and zou arc, but in terms of cuteness he make me remember Joker but still he has got a place in my heart as one of the retainers of Oden.

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