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Story Of Momonosuke’s Sister Kozuki Hiyori | Komurasaki The Hidden Spy In the Wano Castle

In The wano arc of One Piece one of the key character to put the story forward was the role of Momonosuke’s little sister Kozuki Hiyori.

Kozuki Hiyori or Komurasaki who changed her name after he lost his mother and father and didnt knew where is brother went.

Today we will look at the story of Komurasaki how he became a courtesan and high-ranking prostitute in the Flower Capital of Wano and at the end of Wano battle the one who killed the Orochi with her own hands.

Childhood and Separation

Hiyori was born as the daughter of Kozuki Oden, the daimyo of the Kuri region in Wano Country, and his wife, Kozuki Toki.

However, due to various circumstances, Hiyori and her younger brother, Momonosuke, were separated from their parents.

Time Travel with Toki

Kozuki Toki possessed the ability to send people forward in time, and during the chaos caused by the Beasts Pirates’ attack on Oden Castle, she sent Momonosuke and their retainers 20 years into the future.

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But she left Hiyori in the past so the other retainers didnt aged but she did grow older by 20 years.

Infiltration as Komurasaki

In the present time, Hiyori adopted the identity of Komurasaki, a famous courtesan and high-ranking prostitute in the Flower Capital of Wano.

She became involved in the underground activities and political struggles of the country, using her position to gather information.

Encounter with Zoro

Hiyori crossed paths with Roronoa Zoro, one of the Straw Hat Pirates, when he saved her from an assailant.

Hiyori developed an attachment to Zoro and eventually revealed her true identity to him.

Connection to the Nine Red Scabbards

Hiyori is revealed to be one of the Nine Red Scabbards, a group of loyal retainers of the Kozuki Family who played a crucial role in the past.

She holds the secret of the Kozuki Family’s plan to open the borders of Wano and restore it to its former glory.

Reunion with Momonosuke

Hiyori reunites with her younger brother, Momonosuke, and reveals her identity to him.

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She provides him with information and guidance to aid in the fight against the oppressive rule of the Shogun Kurozumi Orochi and the Beast Pirates led by Kaido.

Assistance to the Straw Hat Pirates

Hiyori supports the Straw Hat Pirates and their allies in their efforts to liberate Wano Country.

She provides them with valuable information and aids in their infiltration of Onigashima, the stronghold of the Beast Pirates.

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Aiding the Raid on Onigashima

During the raid on Onigashima, Hiyori plays a pivotal role in assisting her allies.

She reveals herself to Orochi and successfully diverts his attention, allowing her comrades to execute their plan without interference.

The character of Kozuki Hiyori is completely different than her brother Momonosuke, where he got the attention and love of his family until the execution of his father and also didnt got to feel the hardship for 20 years.

His little sister had to hide her identity and infiltrated the wano castle and was planning for long 20 years to take her revenge for the death of his whole family from orochi and Kaidou and his beast pirates.

Her characters is of a strong independent women who shines after all the hardships.

Age difference between Momonosuke and Hiyori

Momonosuke was the one who had travelled in the time to reach the present time because of which his age stayed the same as it was on the time when his mother used her devil fruit powers because of which momonosuke stayed at the age of 8years.

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But her younger sister Hiyori / komurasaki stayed in the past because of which she aged as time passed 20 years and now her current age is 26.

So now even if Hiyori is 2 years younger than momonosuke she is now biologically 18 years older than him.

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